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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Facebook Page!

Yes, that's right, a Facebook page! Click me!

I've finally gotten off my tail end and made it. I was skeptical at first, since they didn't have the option for a personal blog on the Create a Page part of Facebook. It took me long enough to find the Create a Page part of Facebook in the first place! But it's launched, and you'll see me spamming it on my personal Facebook as well as putting a Like button on this page (which I'll probably promptly place on here soon). Personally I've stayed away from Twitter, so if you use that, sorry for now. I doubt I'll garner the popularity to justify anything past Facebook. I mean, I seriously, seriously doubt it.

Anywho, if you've got Facebook and actually read my ramblings, feel free to hop on the Like train. I'll be updating when I put a new post up and other 117 sightings, maybe even a few fun quips now and then. Since you read through all of this, I'll leave you with an interesting picture of me with my marshmallows from my first Humans versus Zombiez game last semester. Yes, that's one of those things that you use to carry your stuff into the shower. It came in handy when fighting off the Horde.

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