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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 61

Oh, forgot to mention that I saw a deer on my way home last night. It wasn't really scary since I saw it and it never jumped out in front of my car (it ran away). But still.

Picture: N64 wallet

Background: Whoa. How old can this thing be? A couple years ago I had a yard sale of a bunch of stuff laying around the house that was going to get thrown away otherwise. This was something that was thrown into the mix of bags and wallets that we had. I saw it as we put everything out and knew that I had to keep it. I mean, it's an N64 wallet! I can't resist that. The velcro is coming off of it, and that's making me sad. I intend to get the velcro re-sewn onto it so that I can keep using it. It'll be a long while before I let this thing go. It's too much awesome to let go of.

today's video is a fun physics hockey shot...

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