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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 252

I think I got my picture taking act together again! Hopefully I will not have spoken too soon.

Picture: BUZZ!!

Background: Here I was, sitting at the shaft, writing for a bit, when Buzz walked by! I didn't get a chance for a high five and he didn't head near me, but I still got a picture while he was getting a hug from some chicks nearby. I love that I actually saw Buzz during the day and not just at games like usual. He's such an awesome mascot. I mean, he's BUZZ! How can you not like such an awesome Buzz?!

today's video is a cool song by the opening act last night...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 251

Picture: Gods with instruments

Background: Explosions in the Sky is their name. They played my favorite song tonight. I barely took any pictures of them because I was busy listening in awe. There is virtually no way I could've had a better night - I'm in ecstasy right now. Just...amazing. That's all I can say. I barely remember the rest of my day leading up to this. I honestly could die happy tonight. I'd rather not, obviously, but you get what I'm saying, right?


No video for today, simply because you should be clicking on other EITS music after clicking that link earlier.

And I'm not a hipster, even though there were plenty of those at the concert.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 250

Only 165 days left!

Picture: _ECH

Background: As a part of a campaign to stop defacing campus, the lights of the T on Tech Tower were turned off at around 8:45pm. So, naturally, I took a picture. I have no tripod, so a decent night shot was out of the question. Plus, I was being pushed back into my room by four other people so that I could give TWEWY to someone. He traded me Puzzle Quest as a sort of game deal. So now I have a DS game to play (along with the five other games I have yet to touch)!

today's video is a pretty cool commercial...

PS - There's a fun little logo in the top of your tab now! It says 117, of course. What else would you expect?

Day 248, 249

Braves-tacular! I went to the Braves game on Monday night and got a few good pictures. I need one for Monday, Tuesday, and today. Lately I felt like I've been kinda cheating and taking lots of pictures on one day when I'm supposed to be taking a picture per day. So, since it's barely into Wednesday right now, I'll wait until later tonight to (hopefully) find a picture.

The good thing is, I took pictures on both Monday and Tuesday! So these are cheater pictures!

Picture: Turner Field (Defense!)

Background: We lost :( But it was still really enjoyable. I got to go with a friend from way back in elementary school who is going to Tech too, and has the same major as I do! The Philies can suck it, by the way.

Picture: "What's that?"

Background: Photography Club had a workshop last night to do with lighting and flash photography. We played around a bit with umbrellas and dummy flashes and technical terms that didn't all make it through my head. There's a lot to learn, and hopefully I'll save up the money for a halfway decent SLR camera. I can still do OK work with the point-and-shoot, but there's only so many settings I can adjust and only so much I can control when I take pictures. This was probably one of maybe three decent pictures I took last night. A few might have turned out better, but my laptop screen has gotten so dirty that I can't tell. I think I might clean it tonight just so I can actually rate my own pictures.

today's video is about motion...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 247

Apparently I miscounted my pictures when I did the eleven picture update. I only did ten. Whoops!

So to make up for it, I've got a nice little "bonus" picture (that isn't really a bonus, since I missed it anyway). This picture shows what I came home to nearly every day. The popcorn-material on the ceiling is falling off enough to where it looked like Charlie Sheen had been in my room. Then again, there weren't any prostitutes in my room, so I suppose not.

I've sent in two maintenance requests - one on the 5th, the other earlier today around 4. Hopefully they'll actually do something about it this time, or at least let me know. If not, then these pictures might find their way to someone's email inbox. It's been like this since the first week of school, so it would be nice to get something done.

today's bonus video is about something political that hasn't been covered much by the news...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 242-246

Oh jeez. I don't like that this is starting to turn into weekly updates.

But, pictures! Four from the game yesterday, one from the bus stop near the student center. The game was awesome (especially now that we're 4-0). Not much else to cover over the rest of the week, though. Not much stuff is happening other than school and band. Which is pretty much the entire set of photos is here.

I did do a miniature presentation of 20 of my best pictures to the photography club. The flash drive is floating around with some friends, but if you want to see what I consider some of my best pictures, then just ask me. Unless I have to mail it to you, then probably not, but I could send the files over when I get the drive back.

So yeah, here they are, five pictures!

here's a video to cheer you up...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 241

Hut hut, HIKE!

Picture: Flower (again?!)

Background: Okay, name it for me. I know you're out there, flower-nomenclature expert! This is sitting between the Student Center and the school theater. They're larger than your average flowers, too, so I had to get pictures of them. I think this turned out really nicely as well! One of my better flower pictures, in my opinion.

In other news, I cooked dinner for the first time here (other than just ramen which, as I typed this, I realized I completely forgot to get when I went to the store today. Crud). I might send the recipe over to a specific few people to try out. It's a home recipe that combines Stuffed Bell Peppers with Texas Hash, and it delicious. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made it, obviously.

today's video has the word texas in it...(and partial nsfw warning)...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 230-240


Okay, so here's the deal. Humans versus zombies was all last week, so I didn't get much done in terms of pictures, but I should have enough pictures from the week/other things to put up here. I don't feel like having to explain each one, but I just might.

First, we have zombies! I got tagged on Tuesday (bummmmmmer) but that let me go hang out with the cool kids for the rest of the game. This was before our escort mission on what I believe is Wednesday. I recognize four of the people in this picture. Probably should put this on FB.

BEWARE OF ZOMBIES. At the sign in mission on Thursday. I banged my knee really, really hard at that mission. I had to go to the student health center afterward because I could barely walk. When I got there, though, I felt fine. It was fantastic. I'm feeling better now, so don't fret too much.

We dominated that mission, and nommed a few humans as well.

These two are right next to each other on the Thursday or Friday night mission. Usually my pictures in darkness turn out bad, but I was on some steps, so I could actually have my camera perfectly still. I set the exposure pretty high, and this is what came out of it. Probably my best night pictures, right here, but I'm not too keen on the yellow light. I feel like there's a setting somewhere on my camera that could fix it, but I have yet to actively look for it.

Now, there's this. It was branching off of a weird growth on a tree during one of the afternoon missions, near the President's office. There were two of these trees, and the other had nothing like this going on.

My guess?

Biological experiment by some Tech student.

...it was weird

Now, ZOMBIE FINAL GROUP! This wasn't nearly as many as we actually had, from the looks of it. More came out later, I think. We had probably 100 or so zombies show up/be active during the final day. It was intense.

...oh Jevone, you so crazy

This would be one of the OZs making the final speech before the finale began. Yeah, there were two. I totally would've survived if they weren't so thorough about the whole "let's kill all the vet players" deal. Jerks.

...I still don't like you, Anthony. You and your Google+ shirt.

Just a snake and a laser printed player card. Both were things I didn't think I'd get to see during the game (I totally wanted to tag the guy with the laser printed card. SO damn awesome).

So yeah, asdgjasfblawr the picture of the Portal cake didn't turn out how I wanted it too, since it became a little fuzzy. But I still wanted a picture of it. So here it is! Baked by two of the readers who were getting on me for not updating.


Finally, we have the Horde. The picture still underestimates the true size of it nearing the end of the finale. The best part about the day was having everyone in a single quad, and two humans coming up stairs into sight. The entirety of the Horde charged out after them, which made me laugh pretty hard. It's a shame I didn't get a video of it, it was too awesome.

today's video is asdf...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 229

So, for the two people who read this, remember this post?

Picture: Luvs

Background: I ordered something else from the same company and told them that they were awesome for drawing that pokeball on my receipt. So they drew a pichu. A PICHU. So cute - I can't look at it for too long without thinking "Awwwww!", and I'm not the kind of guy who goes "Awwwww!" at just anything. These guys are amazing. I should also probably tell you what shirt I bought. If you don't know the game, then you need to buy a DS and play it. Or just get the game and play it if you already have a DS. It is worth it. Even if you don't like Japanese style RPG games, you can easily get over it. The story and gameplay is phenominal.

today's video is flowery violence...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 228

Fifteen squared. (just kidding)

Picture: Nyancat Button

Background: Wait, what? Apparently someone got this for me at Dragon*Con (^_^). This...is pretty awesome. I'm pretty thankful for this, too.

Today was pretty busy, then band was over and I played piano for another hour and a half. The first wave of homework is done, now to prepare for the next. Did I mention that I joined the photography club, by the way? There are themes throughout the year that we have to work on, and this week's is "void". Still trying to come up with ideas, but they aren't flooding my brain. I'm sure I'll grab something before the month is over, though. For now, though, I was about to put a bunch of my pictures on a flash drive and do this thing to where we have 15 seconds to go through our best work and explain it to the group. Everybody probably won't go (the meating is tomorrow), but it should still be fun. I'll at least get a chance to show them what I can do with a little point and shoot!

today's video is not for those who hate clowns, hospitals, money, or still life...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 225-7

Well it's not a 11:59pm update, alright?...

Sunday was very dull. Monday almost as much, except I helped someone move some stuff. Tuesday was busier in comparison, since I actually had class. So in return, I give you a few more D*C 2011 pictures, and a 117 that I found! The paper I had to write for today had lots of reference material, and one of them had a page 117. So I had to take an obligatory picture of it.

Yeah. I uploaded them all at once for a change. It turned out kind of...off. But I'm okay with that - it reflects my personality. Speaking of which, HvZ is next week. If you're playing, you should be pumped. If you're not, then you either aren't at my school or are someone I will reject as a friend.

You should play HvZ at least once in your life. You don't know what you're missing.

today's video will catch you by total surprise...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 221-224

Up to date again. *cough* Yeah.

I went to the Dragon Con parade this morning. It was pretty sweet, and I got lots and lots of pictures (easily over 400). So expect my filler-days to include some sort of Dragon Con costume!

But first, it's THE BIEBS. In all his glory! With a dolphin! And the poster is signed! No, really, this is hanging up in my apartment and I have no clue as to where it came from, how my roommates acquired it, or even why they have it in their possession. I'm afraid to ask.

Last night I actually went to dinner with some people at Moe's. The people were all with the band fraternity, and I got a bid during practice on Wednesday. It feels just a tad awkward when people congratulate me on it, even though I'm not accepting and I'm not sure if I will accept. It's hard enough to get myself focused on schoolwork and things I need to do. This picture is the scene on the way to the place, looking from Moe's towards the sunset. I probably shouldn't have set the exposure so negative...but it's not all that bad, I think.

And now, for a pair of Dragon Con pictures!

It was pretty fun. Lots of interesting costumes. Lots of variation. From military, to MLP, to Dr. Who, to Nyancat. Seeing all these costumes and the hard work put into them was really worth waking up at 8am. I applaud you all, wherever you are.

today's video is lux aurumque...