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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 191


Picture: The back of the house, with the pergola, deck, and new wall just put in! The sun was shining bright and hot like always out there, and part of the dirt smelled like walking to a pond in a cow pasture (according to the 'rents). But it looks great. Now the deck needs a few bottom steps, the pergola needs finishing, and then prettying it up with some final touches. The only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the drain pipe coming obviously out of the bottom there, but it's not too distracting, and it comes out in the very center, so it's at least symmetrical. Got some other pictures of it too, and I think I'll be throwing them in the Deck WIP folder I've got. I'm sure my brother would love to have some of the WIP pictures I've been taking...

today's video is about an interesting (illegal) feat...

Day 187, 188, 189, 190

I...don't really know why this happens. I mean, I keep...bah, whatever. Four pictures in one post for you while I try to attempt to explain.

Basically, I've got a montage of my room cleaning. I've shown it to you before in all it's messiness. So some people may think this is actually clean, but I would expect more to think that it was messy. You can see books, exbawks stuff, my messy desk, just bunches of junk on the floor. Yeah, a giant baseball pillow too, with a pile of clothes that haven't been put up yet, and a piano on the floor that you can't see underneath the floor.

So here, the clothes are gone, the desk still has some junk on it, the floor is mostly clear. The piano is still just under the picture view. My jacket actually made it to my chair, but the big books haven't been moved yet to the box in the back, and other crap hasn't been done.

I took this one after work, so my work jeans are on the floor with my wallet, keys, iPod, etc. I think my problem is that everything goes right to the floor when I get home or don't really want to put it somewhere that would be smart to have it instead. The desk I actually use (the one pictured houses my clunky computer that hasn't been turned on in over a year) got messier, but I moved some stuff off/around, so it works. The area to the left of this picture is where all the electronic things go. There's lots of cords to work through that I've got to worry about.

And now, for the news! The wall for the backyard and/or deck is being put in! It would've been done today, but it poured raining. Very hard. So the guys working on it quit for the day, left the Bobcat behind, and plan to finish it tomorrow. The crepe myrtle has been moved up, and plants pulled out. It's gonna be finished soon, but I don't think I'll still be home to see it! I'm heading off for college in about two weeks, so we'll see. I might end up taking a whole bunch of pictures of the deck for my brother, since he wanted to use it to advertise his contracting services.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 186

Yeah, I owe you three days including today.

Picture: Phone?

Background: This is my phone. No, it's not a fancy smart phone. But I'm okay with that. Do you know why? Because this thing fell off a roller coaster. The tallest one in the park. And I still got it back. So you can take your smart phones and play with them all you want! And keep having fun with them! And doing all sorts of cool stuff...!

Oh who am I kidding. It works for what I need it to work for, and I don't really need much more than this. Plus, like I said, it's durable. Oh well.

today's video is nsfw...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 185

Before midnight? Bam!

Picture: "What's going on?!"

Background: This is the reason we were all at the 'rents! (well, mostly the reason). My nephew got baptized yesterday and we had a barbecue afterparty. Here you can see the priest pouring the water from the baptismal font on his forehead. He was really well behaved and didn't make hardly any noise all throughout Mass. I swear, that boy is cute. Seriously. I've got a lucky sister to have such a cute kid. The best part was that they dressed him up in one of those suits that you would see some sort of concert pianist play in, with little tails and everything.

today's video is more returning to childhood...

Day 184


Picture: 60

Background: My Dad turns sixty on the 25th. Technically it's today as of writing this post, but we celebrated on Sunday because the whole family was over. The reason for that will be explained tomorrow, though, because today's post is going to be about his birthday. These numbers are eight feet tall. The hilarious part of these things is that my dad actually helped my older brother load the plywood onto his truck. Earlier that day, when my dad was talking over the phone to the same brother, he (brother) said that he was doing yardwork. Which was partially true, because he was doing work in the yard, spray painting the numbers.

today's video wants you to do the monkey with it...

Day 183

Day late due to leaving camera in the car when I got home. But I have some good picture from yesterday/today.

Picture: The pergola!

Background: The deck is coming along nicely. Well, the deck itself only needs the railing and bottom steps. This is the pergola's skeleton. There's going to be a UV-ray blocking roof as well as some decorative corners. Then it all gets stained. I can't wait for it to be finished, but it looks like I'll be putting off the one-day HvZ game that I wanted to have. Ah well, there's always next summer. I hope.


(first time I've put caps in today's video, by the way)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 182



Background: So if you remember that Nyan CD from a day or three ago, then great! If not, well then I'll let you know that two people wanted some CDs with an hour's worth of nyancat on it. These people also happen to have a bunch of fun while making food, and I don't think they would mind if I gave them a little mention here. (It's actually three people who do their blog, but only two of them wanted the CDs). We went to WaHo near midnight to exchange CDs, and they brought five more people than I was expecting. So that, my friend reading this, is the reason why today's is late. The phones and camera pictured belong to the CSA chefs.

The rest of the pictures from tonight/this early morning are gonna go onto facebook at some point, but not right now. And not on the 117 facebook page, because no.

today's video includes a fake indiana jones...

(as an aside, I've used the "nyancat" tag on my posts a LOT lately)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 181

Earliest update in a long time.

Picture: Moneys

Background: I cleaned out my car of change and came out with all this. There are a few little slots in front of the gear shifter that I've been storing all my loose change. I prefer using cash over plastic, so I've been getting plenty of change. It all comes out to $4.05 - hopefully I can roll a few more of these up and run to the bank sometime. Which reminds me, I've got something like $17 to take to the bank to exchange for bills...

today's video is a classic british tune...

Day 180

I think I'm going to change the blog heading to "Updated between noon and 2 am." or something like that. Sheesh.

Picture: Baby!

Background: I have six nieces/nephews, and one of their birthdays was today, so I got to see most of them. I wish there was a common word in English to combine nieces/nephews into one group like I know there is in Spanish ("sobrinos"). Alas, there is not. Pictured is the youngest of them all, only 3 and a half months old so far. Those are my parents, her grandparents, playing peekaboo with her. She likes to be held a lot more than she likes being laid down. Right now, you can see the "What on earth are you doing" look on her face. Then again, my parents get that look a lot *cough*

Other than that, I didn't work today. And I don't work tomorrow. Which means if you alive and available to hang out or something...

today's video is about getting somewhere...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day One Seventy NYAN


Picture: NyanCD!

Background: On a whim, I downloaded one hour's worth of nyancat singing. Yes, one hour. Then I burned a CD. If I ever take a solo road trip somewhere, this baby is getting popped in. I've already Nyan'd my part of Georgia three separate days. Why, you may ask? I have no idea. That's the beauty of it! Driving down the road to nyancat with the windows down and the music up? Fantastic experience. The only thing that could make this better was if I had a large van and painted it up like nyancat. And if I ever have an extraordinary amount of money and time, then that just might happen. It just might.

today's video is kids reacting to nyancat...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Days 172-178

I figured that I'd just do a big montage of this past week, including all seven pictures that I've missed (counting today's). As of this post, I should be up-to-date. Hurray! And now, for the pictures!

This first one is one that my Dad actually asked me to take four days ago. He picked this huge blackberry from the bushes around here, and wanted to show the world. The quarter is obviously for comparison purposes. I probably should have gotten a straight down shot, but my shadow was in the way.

So let's see...Thursday was alright, don't really remember much from there. Had to work a double that day, closing the Atlanta location instead of Kennesaw. I don't like closing the Atlanta location anymore. It's too big and takes too long to sweep and mop. And I know where nothing is. Yes, it's just me and my unfamiliarity with the store. Grrr.

Right here is the wheelbarrow and plow that my dad owns. My mom brought it back from Missouri when she came home. She brought home a lot of stuff, including plenty of dishes/fine china. We still have plenty in the family room to figure out places for. I'm going to be set on school supplies for awhile according to how much stuff was up in Missouri. I don't really want to go into details about the whole situation, but there was a lot of stuff that was in a house that probably should've have been. Mom spent a whole week up there dealing with stuff and came back last week. Lots of fun stress that came along with it. Lots.

Rawr! The Yamaha Rhino! It's a big time fun deal. And I've probably taken a picture of it before today, but this was an angle I haven't gotten yet. It looks like an advertisement for it, except the pillow in the passenger seat. The 'rents keep it there so that the seat doesn't get insanely hot during the summer. This is what I hauled the 30 pound stones in. Apparently my dad moved the rest today when I was inside. I even went out all prepared to go move them and he told me he did it all. I was totally pumped for it! Ah well. Anyway, we've got a trail in the back that was blazed a year or so ago that you need to experience. It's fun, and I go a bit too fast for it sometimes. Plus, there's a hill that has to be at least 45-50 degrees, where it feels like you're going to fall backwards.

Picture four, and it's of the front of the house. The lamp post has been there for awhile now, but it feels like we just put it in. The crepe myrtles are coming in nicely. Today, rain made it look like it was snowing pink flakes. That's the fun of tall crepe myrtles! Those are orange dragon lilies if I recall correctly. I'm sure my local flower namer will get me on that if I'm wrong. I've lived in this place for 17 years now. Lots of fun. Not sure what else to say along with this picture, though, so I'm just going to keep typing until I reach the amount of space required by the blog to allow myself to get to the next picture without delay. There we go.

Screw that! The deck is progressing nicely. Still waiting on the bottom few steps, but the wall is going to be put in soon. Dad talked to a guy about it earlier. So that's most of all I have to say about that. I would've moved those stones earlier if I didn't have a 10.5 hour day on Friday. Since I wanted Saturday off to work for my brother, I would have to take all Friday to do so. It wasn't too bad because a nice person that I knew came and visited me and gave me somebody to talk to for an hour. She works literally a minute's walk away, and convinced me to try out the yogurt there. I never really was a fan of yogurt. But apparently I like it now. It was some good stuff - according to her, I must not have liked the tart yogurt.

This is my hand. Remember the stitches from a few posts ago? Well I got them out on Friday. I can finally wash dishes at work again! It healed surprisingly well. It doesn't really hurt that much unless you do stuff to it, obviously. When the nurse pulled the stitches out, the places where the stitches went in looked worse than the wound. I'm a bit more wary of that big butcher knife at work, too. Speaking of work knives, I mentioned I closed earlier. Well, when I was at the other location, I noticed that they had obtained one of our knives! So I brought it back today. I left it in the car on Friday when I was going to bring it back, and then Mom took the car to get gas as I took the van to get emissions. Sort of funny how that worked out. Then I didn't go to work on Saturday, and we're closed on Sunday. So I finally brought it back today, Monday. At least it made it back! We were sad without it at work in Kennesaw. Ah, well.

Saturday was fun - I got to work about 10-7 for some cool people, serving a bunch of teens. When I say "a bunch", I mean 2400 teens, chaperones, priests, volunteers, etc. The catering business my brother runs does the event every year, and this year went by very smoothly. Well, at least Saturday did. They didn't need me Sunday and Friday I was working. It may be a bit exhausting, but I love doing it all.

Finally, at the end of all this, a picture of myself. Life's been a bit busy and stressful lately, but with the help of some good friends and the family, everything is going alright. It's like that nice quote: "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end." I hate the cheery, cutesy, motivation quotes that teenage girls vomit on their facebooks, don't get me wrong. This is, in my opinion, the only one worth repeating.

Thumbs up, let's do this.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I really, really didn't want the lateness to get this bad, and I apologize for the one or two people who care. I have had a crazy work schedule that has kept me away from home for the past two or three days. This has also basically kept me away from my camera. The only reason I even have pictures on it to add is because my dad asked me to take pictures of a large blackberry that he picked. I swear, I will get caught up soon. You can take my word for it, however good that word is. But I have been pretty overworked lately, so I haven't even picked up any of the projects that I've been working on, I haven't touched any music making lately, and I've barely written anything. It's been a rough week this week. Hopefully I can find time tomorrow to just take pictures and throw them up here in a wacky four-in-a-row update.

As a treat, here's two videos for you that should be mildly entertaining:

Jon Stewart getting back at Glenn Beck
and James Randi explaining homeopathy. They're both worth the watch, especially the second one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 171


Picture: Thanks for buying a bag

Background: or at least taking the time to read the back! At work we've got these chips, Zapp's chips, that are pretty good. Most of them have the same little quip on the back of them except these. This is the back of the Voodoo chips that they have. It explains how the flavor mix came to be and that they held a contest to name it. Sounds like they have a bit of fun there, which I think every company should. But what do I know?

today's video is related to yesterday's, featuring the mythbusters...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 170

Well yesterday was July 11th, or 7/11. Which is 117 backwards. Aww yeah.

Picture: A parking lot

Background: I visited my high school band yesterday to see how they were doing - and they were doing really well! Maybe I'll be able to go see one of their games or competitions this year. I do miss the high school band a bit, but I don't mind that it's over. What passed is the past, and I enjoyed it then, so why hang onto the memory? Besides, I'm in a great band now with even more fun traditions (and it's a lot more chill compared to high school). I just can't wait until that week in August to maybe go dwarfing with a RAT that I might call my own...

today's video is buzz aldrin being awesome...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 169


Picture: it's a wabbit!

Background: At DND, this little fellow was spotted by one of the people in our group. Apparently he eats the stuff in my brother's garden. So I took out my camera and tried to get a few good shots of him. This was the only one that turned out even halfway decent, though. Other than that it's been an okay day overall. I have to get up in about seven hours, though, to take care of three little ones, so I can't say anything about tomorrow.

today's video is about a lonely park bench...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 168

Warning: If stitches gross you out, then don't scroll down, 'cause that's what today's picture is.

Background: Well, you know the story already. A hawk came down, swooped at my hand and - But not really. It was a pretty deep cut from a large knife; it was around a quarter inch or so, I think. Working a lot with my left hand is a bit irritating at times, but my right isn't completely useless.

Other than that, I worked lunch today. Later I overheated my Xbox 360 - which reminds me, you should totally add me on Live if you have it. Pretty chill day today, and nothing else to report on my end, aside from getting caught up in Project 365. How was YOUR Friday?

today's video is very interesting if you want to watch the whole thing...


Day 167


Picture: Pergola!

Background: It's on its way. Dad's got the last of the lumber for it. I'm moving some more rocks tomorrow, hoping that I don't mess up my hand. Once it's all built and ready to be used, I'm planning on using it for some Humans and Zombies fun.

Other than that, Thursday was relatively unexciting from what I can remember. Then again, that's not going very far. Trying to avoid messing with my stitches has pretty much taken up my whole mind lately. I don't think I'll be hurting later in life, but I have felt a tingle in my thumb once or twice. I think that just might be from working with my hands a lot. No pun intended.

today's video is about a cool shoe shine...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 166


Picture: If zombies chase us...

Background: ...I'm tripping you. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty worried about my own survival. I mean, if there's a horde behind us, and I have this feeling that you run faster than I do, then you're going down. No hard feelings. I just need to live, and you're the only thing in my way. I'll throw you a grand funeral though, when the apocalypse is over. Or we can celebrate as zombies when someone else trips me after seeing me with this shirt on.

today's video is a song that a friend showed me, designed to put you to sleep...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 165

I'm a day late lately, I know.

Picture: My hand

Background: The reason I haven't updated is because of work and this. I cut my hand open at work on Tuesday. It was a pretty deep cut, but it was clean. From there I was moved to an urgent care place where they put in 4 stitches. I'll be okay - things couldn't have turned out better, to be honest. Plus, I've been working like crazy and I'm hardly finding time to relax, much less take pictures. I will get back on track, and the day that I'm missing is still in my mind. But my schedule for the next two weeks is jam packed. I really am not sure if I even will have time to see friends at all.

Which comes to something else - I deactivated my Facebook. Some people have asked why, and I tell them it's for "personal reasons". Well to be honest, it was feeling like nobody really cared about me. I know people do, but nobody ever showed it. There's more to it than that, but that's the gist of it (and that's all I'll say here). I'm going to get back on eventually, just gimme some time, okay?

today's video is the last thing i posted on facebook...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 164

Happy American Awareness Day

Picture: Dirty shorts

Background: I worked for my brother today (well, technically his friend). Got up the earliest I have in awhile to be down at their kitchen - they do catering. I even got to do dishes! Twice! But it wasn't that bad. I've been doing dishes for years, so I suppose I'm not an amateur or anything, and I'm used to doing them at work all the time already. So yeah, nothing much else happened today. I just about took a nap when I got home, but dinner rectified that.

Yeah, I could mention something about it being American Independence Day. But honestly, this country isn't perfect, and never will be, no matter who's in office. But hey, we're here and we're doing fine, right?

today's video is a nice speech to go with today...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 163

I can explain!

Picture: The stool again

Background: It feels like I haven't had much time lately. I've been working a lot, and somehow managing to still keep this blog up. So please excuse this little delay in posts from these last couple days. I'm supposed to be working even more over the next few weeks, especially the week of the 10th. Yeah, yeah, for all the adults in the world, it's not a 40 hour work week or anything. Still, it's hard finding anything interesting to take pictures of when you're constantly either in the car driving to work or at work. Just bear with me, pweeze?

today's video is about a burnoose and a cat...

Day 162

For clarification, this is Saturday's post.

Picture: Controller + headset

Background: Well, I finally borrowed a friend's Xbox 360 wireless adapter. So now, I have Xbox Live at home! If you want to add me for whatever reason, message me/email me/etc. I've got L4D, Reach (though I suck), Burnout and Flatout, and a few other games. FACE ME IN COMBAT YOU ALL!

today's video is actually a bit depressing for a weird al song...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 161

Note: This post was written in the middle of the night when the author could not figure out where his camera was. Then found it.

Picture: Orange Stool

Background: I swear if I get the search keywords "orange stool" as something that was used to find my blog, I'm going to shake my head in disgust. Today my mother went to get me before I jetted off to work for a second time. She wanted to show me this neat little thing. I like taking pictures of toadstools, so I stayed out there as long as I dared so that I would be late for work. I made it on time, thankfully, and got to go through a stressed day of work. I'm about to fall asleep sitting here typing this up.

today's video should be a real sitcom...

Bonus Time!

NSFW for one F-bomb at the end. Don't say I didn't warn you.




Hey. Wake up.


Wake up.
No. It's comfy here.
Not for long. Sit up.
Why should I?
Because things are about to happen.
How do you know?
Get up.
Who are you?
Get. Up.

I opened my eyes. It was still dark outside, so I reached over and tried the cord on the lamp. No light. I fumbled for the remote on the floor near my bed. The TV wouldn't turn on either. My tired self groaned.

Uh, can you give me my electricity back?
Get dressed. Pick your favorite shirt since you'll have it on for awhile.
What are you talking about?
Wait, where are you, anyway? I'm the only one in here.
No, you have guests. Not in your room, but in the building.
What's going on? You're speaking to me in my head?
I don't like this.
Too bad. Now get out of bed before things happen.
What things?

Suddenly a bit more awake and alert, I flung the covers off of myself. I turned to sit on the edge of my bed. Yawning, I stood up and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I made my way to the bathroom down the hall, and after finishing the call to nature, I turned on the shower. Only, no water came out. I should've figured, since the toilet didn't flush either.

You'll have time to bathe later. Get a hat if you don't like your bed hair, some shorts, socks, and shoes on.
Oh, come on! I'll smell horrible.
Why should I even listen to you?
Because if you don't, you die.
How would you know?
We can talk later.
That's not a good answer.
You're not a good listener. Now hurry up

I sighed. This voice showed no signs of leaving my head, and damn, it wanted me to leave. I went back to my room, threw on a change of clothes, grabbed a Braves cap, and reached for my keys.

Don't bother with your car. It won't work either.

You've got to be kidding me. Whatever, I was just going to let it be since nothing else had worked yet.

So where am I headed, voice?
I meant, from there?
You know, you really starting to get on my nerves.
This is the only way to survive. Don't you want to survive?
Not if you're gonna stay in my head like this.

It didn't respond. I couldn't tell if it was male or female, since it was a whisper. A strong whisper, but nothing more. At this point I thought I was just going nuts, listening to this voice in my head. But I figured that going a little crazy would be a nice change. It would be a reasonable excuse to miss work, especially since working two jobs at 20 really screwed with my gaming time. But I'm the only one that pays the rent, and the apartment wasn't the cheapest out there. I wasn't planning on moving anytime soon, though.

As I contemplated my sanity, I had walked out the door, down the steps and onto the sidewalk. The morning air was chilly, as it was late March. I was fine, but wished I brought a small jacket or something.

Okay, voice, now what?

That's when the entire apartment complex exploded. Literally, as if a bomb went off. As I ran for dear life, my thoughts drifted to how I won't have to worry about monthly rent anymore. But for the moment, I was pretty determined to get out of the way of the falling building. Eight floors reduced to a pile of leftover apartment. The dust that billowed out covered me, and I gave some really harsh coughs. I dusted myself off the best I could with my hat.

Now do you trust me?
Not in the least bit.
Well, I'm not surprised. At least I managed to save you in time. Start walking down the street towards the highway.
I'm not hitchhiking, buddy.
You need to leave here before the police get there and tell...well, you need to leave.
Tell who?
You'll find out soon.
You know what? Fuck you.
No thanks, I'm trying to save you. We don't have time.


Whee! Happy bonus post! This was a little side story I just began writing after watching this. It was on Cartoon Network awhile back, maybe on Toonami. I might get it sometime, since I liked it then. So...yeah!

Day 160

Late for good reason

Picture: Two people. Who are they?

Background: Friends! I hung out all day except when I got surprisingly called into work. It was a really frustrating night from then on. Until Steak n Shake at 2am - things turned out much better from then on for various reasons. The right combination of things said, is the main one. Yeah, it's all vague and whatnot, I get it. But again, if you wanna know, I'll let you know. Just ask.

today's video is a fantastic song and song title combination...