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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 46

Okay, not a late update. Whew.

Picture: What's up?

Background: More philosophy time, hurray!

I remember watching an episode of CSI (Las Vegas) where Catherine and Nick were investigating around a house. Catherine was telling Nick of her first days on the job, where their boss Grissom taught Catherine her first lesson: Look up. It stuck with me a little bit, and every now and then I force myself to look up for a change and see what's on the ceiling. It's funny that there can be so much that you miss by not looking up. This was taken at the Student Center (for those of you who are on campus with me, you can figure out where). So look up more! You'll never know what interesting things you may find. Just be careful outside - birds have damn good aim sometimes.

today's video inspired today's post...and is definitely worth the watch...

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