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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 99

Part two of the double update! But filled with less anger

Picture: True Romance

Background: So the main theme to this is pretty awesome. And it's on the marimba, no less! A friend from highschool showed me this song awhile ago, and I loved it so much that I had to get the song myself. A few days ago, I was pecking around on the marimba and decided to give this song a try. Well, someone recognized it as I played it, and eventually decided that I had to watch the movie. She gave me the movie, pictured here, but I haven't watched it just yet. I really want to, but I've been doing other things. No good excuse, though. I might have to put it on my computer to watch later, instead.

today's video is the state of the internet...

Day 98

Okay, I really don't know what happened yesterday. I somewhat knew what I wanted to take a picture of, but I wasn't sure.

Picture: Agony, pain, and a flash drive.

Background: Friday. Supposed to be a good thing, right? Well not this particular Friday. I woke up expecting to simply put together the 10 videos of 1 second long clips of animation that I needed to combine. The animation was due at 2:oo, and I had a class 1-2, so I needed to get it done when I woke up at 11:30. Well, the animations were on this flash drive. I couldn't find it. I cursed, took a shower, and bolted off to the labs (fully dressed, not right out of the shower, mind you) where the animations were also stored. I emailed the animations to myself and put them together on my laptop, and submitted them (with plenty of time to spare, actually). So I went to my 1 o'clock class and figured that I might get an email from somebody who might have found that flash drive. I even specifically have a file on it that is named "READ IF FOUND" for this purpose, but I didn't hear from anybody all night. I got back to my dorm room and later that night, I was looking around my little mancave and lo and behold, it was barely visible underneath my TV.

I probably could've killed someone if I wasn't careful.

today's video is an interesting animation/speech about language...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 97

Started this post at 5pm when waiting for a group project to begin. Finished at 10:40 when we were almost done. Awesomesauce.

Picture: Stop inviting walls into our wide open spaces <3

Background: There's been graffiti popping up around campus lately, with little decals of pandas. There's even been one that said "Pandalism" with the decal encircling the word. I know they're cute and all, but the number one threat to America is BEARS. A panda is still a bear! This is a threat to the security of campus!

But in honesty, these little pick-me-up sayings are pretty cool in my opinion. I hope they don't stop, and since they're on the fences, it's not really doing much damage. So good work, Pandalists. Good work.

today's video has to do with engineering...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 96


Picture: Ingredients - Almonds

Background: So I was given a pound of almonds the other day. And as I lay in my mancave, eye twitching, nomming on almonds, I turned the bag over and looked at the ingredients list. Ha! It looks like one of those pictures you see on the internet of funny warnings/lists like this. But hey, they do have to put an ingredients list on it due to laws. Irregardless, it's pretty funny.

today's video is a forewarning for the metro atlanta area...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 95

2 o'clock update just for you.

Picture: A clematis

Background: When I got my camera, the first few things I took pictures of where the plants around the house - included a clematis. The one I took of the same kind of flower about a year ago is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken. That, and a mushroom that I saw in the forest by the house. So I decided to get another couple shots of the clematis flowers that were blooming in the same place as last year, and I think this one turned out well. I'm happy with it, at least.

Concert tonight! Gonna rock it up, baby.

today's video is a fun rube goldberg machine...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 94

HA! Updating. Bam.

Picture: Petunia!

Background: Expect another one or two flower pictures. I took some while I was home for Easter. Other than that, not much else to report, other than someone giving me a whole pound of almonds. I'll give them three days until they're all gone, but they won't last until finals for sure. I don't even know if they'll make it back to my dorm from the Student Center, from which I write this post. I've got a concert tomorrow, too, in Couch. Which reminds me, I need to tell someone about that. Thanks for the reminder.

today's video nyannyannyannyannyannyannyan...

Day 93

I refuse to acknowledge that it's past midnight.

Picture: What IS this thing?

Background: My nephews and nieces went Easter egg hunting today! The Easter bunny hid them everywhere, including on a lamppost up high, on and around cars, and in bushes and the grass. Thankfully the yard is large enough to where that bunny is able to hide all forty-eight eggs! I'm surprised he found enough spaces for all of them. And if you're that one or other person who actually saw day one or two, then you'll recognize this little guy! The outstretched arm belongs to my oldest brother, and the frog belongs somewhere in nature. I can't remember who the feet belong to, though.

today's video is about guitar hero and volcanoes...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 92

Okay, you know what? I don't care if I'm half an hour late. I just got home at 10 after midnight, so blegh.

Picture: Junior's Grill, a Tech tradition

Background: ...has closed! I seriously wish I went there more - I only went the one time with the RATs from band. I was going to go there the day it was going to be open last...but I woke up late, and I had to rush out the door and never got a chance. Sad day. But their chicken tenders were really good! It even caused a whole flamewar on the band header. At least THAT'S over with. I haven't personally had any news about Junior's other than that it closed, though, so for all I know, something changed.

In other news I'm back home for Easter, and you can probably bet that tomorrow's will be relating to Easter somehow. There's a good chance. Very good chance. If not, then I lied. I tend to lie a lot, though, so you shouldn't be surprised.

today's video is a funny roy zimmerman song...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 91

Whee! Apparently a short post today

Picture: Giant Inflatable Buzz!

Background: I got message yesterday from someone in my high school (he's still there, I'm not). Apparently he was going to be on campus today for Earth Day, so I went and saw him. He's taller than I remember. And older. But that's too be expected. On my way out, I decided to turn around and take a picture of the giant Buzz that was towering over the whole thing. Probably 40-50 feet high. Definitely something unusual for today.

today's video is a dane cook vid (nsfw)...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 90

Ha! Not late! Just barely. Also, three months in? Holy bajeezus.

Picture: Loose change

Background: And now my hand smells like coins. Like the metal smell when you get a whole bunch of change in your hand if you sort them all out into rolls and whatnot like I do every now and then. I've got a lamp (that I use for lighting) that has holes in it's base that is currently holding my loose change. It even spins in place! Whee! Maybe I'll take a picture of that next time I don't see anything interesting all day.

today's video is dedicated to a recent game release...

Day 89

Literally JUST took the picture!

Picture: Why I was late with today's post

Background: Because my roommate persuaded me to play Super Smash Brothers on the N64 I brought to the dorm. He is too good at that game. I suck at that game. Other roommate does somewhat, but he's still better than me. We did a stock 1 game (1 life for each player) and both of us had to gang up on the good player to win (which I did eventually, hurray!). But that was the last game after he beat the crap out of us a few times. At least I'm better at everybody I know at Teeworlds! Ha!

today's video is all about morgan freeman...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 88

fgfds...late, but just barely

Picture: Me...

Background: ...and my snazzy new haircut! Seriously, I've needed one for a few weeks. I haven't had time to get one for the past four or five days, though, so I finally got one after lab today. The lady was really nice. It was funny, I was actually in need of shampoo and didn't even think about getting some until I went there. Good timing on my part, I suppose.

I've had a lot on my mind, and a lot to do. English project was most of it, a history paper last Friday, and a test early Thursday morning. Thinking back, that felt like years ago, that Thursday morning test. But now I have something that resembles free time again! I might actually get some sleep tonight. Maybe.

today's video is just...whoa....whoa...whoa....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 87


Picture: Pokeball

Background: YES YES YES. It's finally here! I've been waiting over a week for it, and this morning I thought it wasn't here because I hadn't received the email yet. But my t-shirt finally came in the mail! The best part of all of it isn't just how amazing the t-shirt is. It's also that they actually followed my instructions of drawing a Pokeball (see picture below). There wasn't a receipt in the bag itself, so they sent the package (today's picture) with the Pokeball drawn on it. This was, honestly, the single thing that turned around my already-crappy Monday into a good day. As in, I was having a horrible day until I went and grabbed this package. Even though I've still got a long day ahead, I think I can get through it. I now have this shirt. I can do anything.

today's video is one of my three favorite songs, all time...

(click for larger)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 86

Oh boy, almost missed it. Good thing I check the time every now and then.

Picture: Gray skies ahead...

Background: This was taken also on Friday. It was around 6pm and I was going back and forth on places on campus trying to do things. Alas, the food places in the Student Center were all closed. Super lame! But as I stood there, I saw the skyline and enjoyed the fact of the oncoming rain. I love the rain and all it's sounds. Too bad it wasn't a thunderstorm, though. I really like those more.

today's video is a benny hill police chase...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 85

Decently long Saturday

Picture: Spider!

Background: Took this yesterday actually, on my way back to my dorm. Saw a flower in a bush and I looked closer and saw the spider just chilling out there. My camera doesn't have a good manual focus, so this'll have to do.

But today was long. Went to sleep at 3:30AM and back up at around 8AM. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm young and I can do this stuff, but I never get that little sleep, so I was groggy. Hiked all the way across campus to see my old Academic Team play, which lasted just about all day. It was really fun, and I'm glad I got to see them in action once more. Went back to the dorm after that and conquered a solar system. That took about three hours. And now I sit here, writing this. I probably should've gone to grab something to eat earlier, because I'm starving. Oh well.

today's video is about a dinosaur and an elementary school...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 84


Picture: Bookish, are we?

Background: Man, there is NOBODY in the library right now. I'm waiting on my English 1101 group to get here to work on the Children's book that we're making. I sort of wanted to get here early so I could post this and maybe do some writing before they got here. This picture, though, was from a book I spent 5-6 hours reading over the course of last night and this morning. I had to write a 700-800 word essay summarizing and reviewing it. It's called Georgia Odyssey (by James Cobb) and I enjoyed it, oddly enough. It details the history of Georgia and peoples' personal experiences throughout its history. I was probably more interested in it because I've been born and raised in Georgia, but I wouldn't be surprised if it bored the socks off of people who aren't from here. So here's page 117, of course. I've still got to start thinking of how I'm going to put a collage of pictures for Day 117 when I get there, so we'll see how that works out.

today's video is a fun time in rush hour...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 83

I had no idea for today's picture. Seriously. No idea.

Picture: DS Lite

Background: Like I said, I really felt like I had run out of interesting things to take pictures of. I think this'll work, though, since I love my DS. I would've had the original, fat DS if the top screen didn't break. But things happen, and I got myself a replacement. It's too dang useful for waiting around, too. Just pop it on, play for a bit, close it for a few seconds if someone needs your attention for two minutes, etc. My problem, though, is that I think I left my charger at home! So the battery is now in red and I can't do anything about it...unless somebody has a charger out there, and I have the will to ask people. I might just put up a facebook status or something.

The only interesting thing that happened to me today was that I saw seven police officers hanging around the Student Center. I'm not 100% clear why, but it was kind of creepy to see them just pull up one by one and stroll around, looking around. I was told that a camel escaped (from a petting zoo nearby, maybe?), but I don't know the full truth personally.

today's video is a japanese commerical...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 82


Picture: Math Graffiti

Background: So I took this picture and submitted it to onlyattech.com, and apparently someone beat me to it! Lame! At least I've still got this picture for here then, since absolutely nothing interesting or picture worthy happened today. Yeah, today's not over with, but the majority of my campus wandering is pretty much over with right now, save for the trip to the library later tonight.

today's video is pumpin' up the jam...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 81

Sitting in the Student Center, doin' a 5pm update. Sweet.

Picture: Big ball!

Background: I was on my way to English today when I noticed that there was this giant ball in one of the quads. As I walked by, one of them asked me to sign it - apparently every signature gives a few cents to their cause (helping children who are in need). So I did, and as I walked away, I thought, "Man, I'd want a picture by this thing." So I hurried back and asked to take a picture of it. Well instead, the guy asked if I wanted to be in it, so I said, Sure! And thus, the picture! The picture I had yesterday that was going to originally be today's actually got submitted to Only At Tech instead. If it gets on, then sweet! If not, oh well.

today's video is all about using your voice...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 80

I have two good pictures for today, so it looks like tomorrow's already covered! HA! Now I just have to remember to actually update on time.


Background: That is some serious wrath that will be wrought if someone unplugs that thing. I was just sitting around, waiting for History class to start, minding my own business, when I peer into the corner and see this piece of paper sticking out just a tad. I laughed. Only at Tech? Maybe.

today's video is dilligaf...nsfw warning...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 79

There's a few things I should be doing right now, that I'm not. Huh.

Pictures: Pink among the white

Background: Not much to say about this, other than that I thought it was funny that there was tons of white and then some sporadic pink. The whole side of the walkway that this is put next too is white with pink now and then. The other side is completely pink. I've got some closeups of the flowers themselves, but I'm putting those up elsewhere.

today's video should meet stanley, he's real nice...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 78

VIDEO GAMEZ ALL DAY. They made me late.

Picture: Hockey!

Background: Last night me and five other guys in the dorm all went to go see a Thrashers' game. Hockey is awesome, but the Thrashers really sucked last night. 6-1, and the one goal they got was within the last minute of the game. But at least they got the goal! -sigh- It was still pretty fun, and we got the seats and free popcorn/drink for only $7. Hurrah!

today's video is one of my favorite music videos of all time...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 77

It was by chance that I saw today's picture - if I didn't walk around with my head to the ground all the time, I wouldn't have seen it!

Picture: A ladybug!

Background: Well, unrelated, registration for classes has been this week, and people have been worried out the hind end about it. I just registered this morning and found just about everything I was looking for. Works for me! But I do know some people that weren't getting into anything they wanted. My roommate took several off the wall classes that me might as well be an art major. It's kind of funny.

Anyway, I was walking out of history class and peering down at this little plant and saw this cute thing sitting there. I stopped right away and had to take some pictures of it. Luckily it stayed still long enough for me to get 8 pictures of it (only four of which turned out any good), even after I grabbed the end of the plant so it wouldn't sway in the breeze. You can always tell when spring is coming up in Georgia when you start to see these critters pop up.

today's video is a pretty cool xylophone...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 76

Do you see these things? They're called "almonds"

And they are pure evil.

Do you know why they are pure evil? Clearly if you did, then you would not continue to read through what I am about to type. But if you are not enlightened in the monstrosity that is the existence of the almond, then I shall give you warning. Do not eat them. "Why should I stay away from these supposedly horrid things?" you may ask yourself. Let me speak to you from personal experience.

A few years ago, I was enjoying a nice car ride with my mother when she told me about these interesting little things. I had already tasted them in the form of a Hershey's bar, but I was ill-informed of how they would attack my taste buds when I would have them by themselves. She gave me a few.

Then it began. Oh, how it began.

The day in, day out obsession with munching on these little snacks took over my life. Endless nights of sneaking from my room to the kitchen and back and forth just for one more hit of these things. They haunted my every day life. I would have them everywhere I went, and would never stop popping one into my mouth whenever I was idle. It was an addiction I never knew could exist.

Thankfully, they're expensive. My mother refused to buy me anymore, and I had not had my license (or any cash) to go steal-er, buy some myself. Weeks of withdrawal followed. Severe headaches. Moments of insanity. Constantly reached down to my side to sneak one or two only to realize that they're not there for me anymore. The worst week of my life was trying to get over the addiction.

But I got better. Slowly, but I overcame the need to satisfy the craving for the small bastards. Then what do I get from my mother as I go back to college after coming home for a night, years after I was over it all?

Two bags of sunflower seeds,

and almonds.

A small can of almonds.

That entire picture of almonds? All gone way before finishing this post. The addiction is back. The horror continues. I don't have the cash to get more. And finals week is approaching. The only thing I can think right now...

'Aww, nuts'

today's video is a song about peanuts...(nsfw)...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 75

To make up for yesterday's late update, it's an update prior to 1pm! You'd better be thankful, since this almost never happens.


Background: I looked at this and thought, "What on earth is ES PREP?" Another second later, I thought "Oh wait a minute. EST? Did someone steal the T at the end?" and then it hit me. TEST preparation...But at least my first instinct is guessing that a T was stolen from it somewhere. Like I said in one of the earlier posts, it's all over campus. Lots of signs without T's are a usual sight. It can get pretty funny. I know the Architecture Building is missing two very nice silver T's, and that signs for buildings have some easily stolen T's.

today's video is a trollin' soccer goal...

Day 74

As promised on Facebook, a late update!

Picture: Penguin! With a RAT cap!

Background: The RAT cap is a(nother) Tech tradition that the band keeps alive. You write "RAT", your name, your hometown, your (expected) graduation date, and your declared major. If those change, I'm pretty sure you can change those on the hat itself.

Underneath that yellow cap sits a big penguin. It's like 2 feet tall, and fluffy as hell. Because of a few talks with my roommate, and questionable uses of said penguin, it has been dubbed "Judgmental Penguin". I also plan on stuffing him into my bag and walking around campus with him facing people behind me as I walk. Creepy, no? Yes. Exactly. YES.

today's video is a mass of incandescent gas...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 73

Hmm. Not good. When I opened this up yesterday, I had a feeling of "I don't wanna do this", and I'm getting it again right now.

Picture: My necklace

Background: Last year I tried out for pit leadership at high school, and made it. I probably could've done so my junior year, but I didn't. Probably should have, too, but that's in the past now. Anyway, that year our pit instructor gave us necklaces made out of leftover marimba string that I had with me. They went out and got the little charms, too. Green ones indicated a regular member, white indicated leadership, and brown indicated instructor. I had lost my necklace a few months ago and thought it was gone in the mess of my dorm room or room back at the parents' house. Luckily, when I went back home last Friday, I found it again! I was pretty psyched, and I've been wearing it around lately. I really, really like it. It reminds me of a pretty darn happy time that was my senior year.

today's video will make you feel kind of awesome...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 72


Picture: Pi!

Background: I'm a nerd, so what? I found this while working for brother/Dad almost two weeks ago. I promptly forgot all about it until I found it in my shorts this morning because I knew I wanted to take a picture of it. Just because it was in the shape of the letter pi. Give me a break, okay? Other than that, a very lazy day today. I might get something done later, but it's looking pretty grim so far.

today's video is a pretty cool commercial...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 71

Hurrah! Made it back to my dorm in time to update within my time limit.

Picture: Oh, would you look at the time?

Background: Took a trip with Allan today (the Subway guy from earlier) to go see the SAPA Championships. We just barely made it in time to see our high school's winterguard perform the latter half of their show. Later saw another guy from our high school in and independent line (we're all college age if you didn't know - that's just how we know each other). There were some pretty good performances tonight. Glad I went, glad I hung out, glad today happened. And I now have an N64 in my dorm room. Awwww yeah

today's video needs to face a few facts...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 70

Home for the night. Tomorrow will probably have a late update since I'm not getting back to my dorm until late. Happy April Fools' Day, by the way. Pull any good tricks on anybody?

Picture: TV!

Background: This is the TV I moved into my dorm last week. The one regular reader I have (myself) might remember the picture of the TV stand on the Monday of that week. Well, this thing is heavy. Hong Kongian roommate and I couldn't lift it on both the drawers and stand. The thing is so nice compared to my old TV. Soooo nice. And we've got the Xbox 360 hooked up to it, and I'm stealing the N64 from the house and hooking that up too. I've also got some awesome movies down there that, if you haven't seen, you need to. Now.

today's video is vader playing piano...