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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And another thing...

A quick quip or two:

-I had the idea of a facebook page for this thing to let people know when I update and junk, but I don't know how useful it would be or if anybody would even join it. If I did, I'd announce new posts, maybe put up the day's video, etc. I'm sort of leaning against it right now, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

-It may still be awhile from now, but Day 117 is coming up in two months (May 8th, according to wolframalpha). I felt like I should do something special for that day since, you know, the whole 117 deal. So far I thought of making a sort of collage of all the 117s I've taken pictures of so far, and making a few more of my own. Maybe even into a gigantic 117 figure. The only problem is that exams week is just before then, so I don't know how crunched on time I'll be. Saturday can be my day to work on it, I suppose.

If you've got any input, feel free to email me/comment/facebook message. Or all three if you really want my attention.

Since you read through this post, you get a bonus song for today! I found the artist Nyctalgia last night and was very happy with what I heard. So far my favorite is Lost In Timeless Horizons, but most of his stuff has been fantastic so far.


  1. you should make a farcebook page so i feel more motivated to watch your surely awesome videos. i would join it!

  2. You know who I am3/19/11, 6:50 PM

    You should make the facebook page so I remember to check it each day.