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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 38

It's raining! I love the rain. It's been way too long since we've had a good, warm rain. The others were either freezing or snow. I'm okay with snow. The icy rain is just plain evil, though.

Picture: Blooming Tree

Background: Before it started raining (obviously), I was walking around and saw some very beautiful looking trees on campus. I didn't like the other pictures much, and I thought this one wasn't the best I've taken, but I still like it. This particular tree is right outside my dorm hall, if you go out the side entrance or back entrance. A few other trees were in full bloom around campus as well. I nabbed some pictures as the wind threatened to blow me away. The storm is in full force now - my hall mate came back soaking wet from a long walk, and the lightning flashes are sporadic and exciting. I'm enjoying the way tonight is turning out.

today's video is the song that plays when something epic just happened....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 37

I know I have stuff to do. I know there's something I'm supposed to be doing. I don't have a clue what, though. Hopefully I'll figure it out.

Picture: This was a triumph.

Background: Cake! It's a lie! But seriously folks...that's a cake from Portal, except that the candle was missing. The other one was an HvZ cake, or as the people I was with called it, the radioactive cake, since the ending of the Humans vs Zombiez game had all the zombiez turn into radioactive zombiez at the end. This was taken at the HvZ afterparty on Saturday night. 'twas a fun week, and we devolved into throwing socks at each other like expected.

today's video is a little reminiscent....

Day 36

Oops. Another late update.

Picture: Cardboard floppy disk!

Background: Saturday morning mission and finale was today. Too much detail and too much fun to put into a post this late at night with this much tiredness. Just know that we had to steal that piece of cardboard and hide it. We did it successfully. I don't know how effective it was later, but whatever. We had lots of fun today, and I think that the finale turned out well even though we let 5 humans escape our wrath. If you want any part of the story of any part of this week, just talk to me since I like telling a story personally rather than telling one over the phone or through messages or things like that.

There's a building implosion tomorrow at 7am. I really don't know if I want to wake up for it just because I've had a long, tiring weekend, and I'm not guaranteed a good view anyway. So I'll probably just sleep through it. Fine by me.

today's video is of a couple old geezers...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 35

Late update!...I blame playing Sins with my roommate for this one.

Picture: It's a plane! Hiiiiiiii

Background: Yet another picture taken on Monday. I was really, really going to take a picture today (probably of myself to show the tiredness of this whole week). But the game went through today, and things were looking up after the end of tonight.

But actually about the picture; I wish my laptop screen wasn't so icky so I could actually tell if this is a halfway decent picture or not. There's splotches that sort of blur the screen just slightly enough to where it's noticeable if you're trying to examine the quality of...well, a picture. From what I could tell, though, I would be happy with putting it up here.

today's video is a song title that really describes me as i write this...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 34



Background: You should see my left knee. It's really messed up all to hell. I started carrying bandaids on Tuesday when I scraped up the side of my leg under my right knee. Later (today, in fact), I started carrying neosporin around because of the bad left knee injury. We're not getting as many humans as I'd like. The Horde's power isn't what I'd like it to be. But we're pushing on tomorrow in the hopes of grabbing more. This week has been long. Very, very long. And it's nearing the end...

today's video is...how...how did they...what on earth

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 33

Another long day. My feet are rebelling. I think I'm Libya.

Picture: Impressed, no?

Background: Okay, that was a bad pun, I admit. I couldn't resist. This was taken on Monday like a few other days' pictures. I honestly have no time to carry around a camera for a picture, and I'm dead tired (haha, zombie humor) and about to watch a movie with some dorm mates. Plus, I like this picture. It was on the sidewalk going away from the student center, farther and to the right of yesterday's picture. My thought process was that people ignore these little imprints all the time. Why not highlight it once to show something that you don't always see or recognize?

Today has been long. I can't wait for sleep, but it's movie time.

today's video is a really awesome song by a norwegian band...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 32


Picture: The MARC (according to the campus map)

Background: Oh, did I mention? I was the OZ! I got to eat innocent players who dared trust me. Muahaha! So I had the perfect liberty to take whatever pictures I wanted. So I stuck around the Student Center and took a couple pictures, including this one near one of the wide open walkways. I really like how this one turned out. I took some more of the flowers you can see right there, but I don't think they came out that well. I also took this picture two days ago, and I'm using it now because I have not had the time to take a picture all day. I got up, had breakfast with a couple zombiez, had some classes, more zombie time, more classes/a lab, lots more zombie time, and now. Carrying around the point and shoot camera really hinders your ability to run after humans.

The first mission of the day didn't turn out too well for me. Got stunned twice and the group didn't get any humans that I know of. Later I drew a little bit of blood (my own, promise) diving after a player (who happened to break the rules and will probably be zombified later) who got away. Then the night mission was horribly outnumbered on the zombie side, but we still got plenty of kills. Two from the rushes (marshmallows EVERYWHERE) and several more after everybody went home when the mission ended.

I also door dived a guy who should've thrown a sock when he was within that 5 foot range and didn't, and got two more by sneaking up on them. But the humans are smarter this time around, and they're organizing more...it's irksome. However, you all get two videos today because you read through that wall of text!

today's video is an awesome hockey shot...that was an attempt at a similar shot...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 31

Monday o_o Wonder who's gonna die today...

Picture: Fly like the wind!

Background: I was on my way to Percussion Ensemble when I got the off chance to see this on my way. It was pretty awesome. So I got my camera out really fast and took a single picture just in case there was anybody around. Then I saw a human walking across the street, he threw me a sock, I threw it back, and we went on our way. There's zombiez out now for sure. Kill board says upwards of 20, and there's a little over 300 players currently. It's gonna be intense.

Not much else to report, just a normal Monday full of paranoia.

today's video is backin' up backin' up backin' up...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 30

Whee! Humans vs Zombiez starts tomorrow! And I am totally PUMPED!

Picture: Three dead trees in construction

Background: It's really kind of a depressing scene, what with the mounds of dirt and all the construction. It's been nonstop this year so far, and they tell us it should be over by the Fall semester...but we'll see how that goes. I got a bunch more pictures of things today since I had some time to walk around freely. There are side walkways to navigate through, but traffic gets really heavy during the peak times. It's a little frustrating that the major walkway is closed too, which makes getting to the Student Center that much more annoying after a walk up the eternal hill that is Freshman Hill. Bike up it? Oh heck no. I'd get probably a third of the way up before keeling over and gasping for water. I hate that hill.

Like I said, HvZ starts tomorrow. I don't know if it's bad that I won't be sure that I can sleep for it tomorrow, but there's no way I'm pulling an all-nighter or that kind of stuff. My marshmallows are ready for the throwing.

today's video is...what is toronto?????....

Day 29

Hey, in Central Time, it's not past midnight yet. So my update is on time. Shut up.

Picture: Dice!

Background: More gaming at the brother's house. I like to take pictures of dice sometime, and I figured that some pictures of d8's would be relevant to the Project I've got here. We played DND, fourth edition tonight and were having some fun with some of our older characters. We killed some dudes, got beat up but lived, and had a general good time talking about porta-potties. Apparently some graffiti writers had some pretty "inspirational" things to write on the inside of them.

That's about it for today. Watched my bro's kids for a few hours, changed a dirty diaper or two. Played some Teeworlds, and began a game of conquering solar systems (about halfway done now). And I also have a very interesting opportunity tomorrow, so stay tuned!

today's video plays off of tf2 players' masculinity...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 28

Four weeks? Holy crap. It doesn't feel like that long.

Picture: >:^D

Background: It's a marshmallow! I'm obsessed with HvZ, okay? And I have a Sharpie...and a stale marshmallow...I did this a few days ago. I figure that now that I've got time, I'm gonna be writing on some of my marshmallows for fun, so when the zombiez get hit, they can see the word "STUNNED!" on the marshmallow or something like that. This is my experimental one, I guess you could say. Any suggestions as to other (appropriate) things to write on them?

Had only one class today, and nothing to do over the weekend for once. I might actually play my Xbox for the first time in ages. Since the snow day/week in early January, actually. Weird.

Last night as I was about to turn off my computer for the evening, I noticed something about my top played songs...see for yourself (click!). The song playing at the top is also pretty cool, and you should listen to it and the rest of the album. It's an artist called C418 (I posted their song "acid"

today's video is really cool slow motion...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 27

I have TIME tonight. Say whaaaaaa

Picture: Order 69, Thank you

Background: *giggity* I figured that the GT Band would like this, at least. When the Taco Bell lady gave me my ticket and said my order number, I rejoiced a little inside. Right when I got it I knew it'd be today's picture. That's how a lot of them get taken in this Project so far - I know the picture when I see it. Sometimes I don't see it all day and make one up. Whenever that happens, I pick something around me that would make a good picture for the day. That penguin poster for Day 20 is an example of that, or the T that looked like a blue male body part (which actually turned out to be a good post, I think).

Extra pumped for HvZ. I went to the player meating tonight, and they reexplained the rules for the four of us that actually showed up. Possibly buying another bandanna for decorating purposes, but apparently you can only wear one at a time. Jerks! But they're admin so they're cool. I just can't wait to play. It's so dang fun.

today's video is 10 pretty funny moments (not the best imo, but still)...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 26

Hockey night again! And I'll probably see some of my high school friends there too. Sweet!

Picture: Aren't they just the cutest? A bunny and duckling bag...so CUTE

Background: So roommate and I went to Target for stuff. I needed stuff like new shoes, pants for a concert, tissues, things like that. He needed marshmallows for HvZ, which is a perfectly reasonable excuse to go to Target. We separated to get our own things, and when I saw him later...he had these. They're little bags to hold his marshmallows. His thought process, which I totally agree with, is that the zombiez will be completely humiliated (zombiliated?) by having a human stun them by use of these cutesy little bags. It's pure awesome.

Not much else to report...just life as usual. Study study study study teeworlds work work work sins of a solar empire run to class go go go go study study. Sleep? What's that?

today's video is a speech that i completely agree with...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 25

Just to caution you guys (read: all 3 of my readers), I'm playing that crazy Humans vs. Zombiez game next week. So expect me to be paranoid and stressed all next week if I survive. And also expect a lot of indoor pictures too, since I won't have time to stop and take a picture of something whilst I RUN FOR MY LIFE

Picture: AWW it's a foot!

Background: Apparently some of those metal plates that you find on the ground around here have some fun messages. I knew about the ? one that I had for Day 21, but I wouldn't have known about this one if I didn't go past some of the more out of the way fraternity houses. There were also broken beer bottles on the sidewalk, but I didn't think they'd be very exciting, and I'm not sure the fraternities would like me to be photographing alcohol containers really close to their house. Yeah, that's my foot. Yes, I have a shoe on. I also really need new shoes pretty badly. So roommate and I are heading out to Target sometime this week (BEFORE HvZ, hehe) and getting some supplies/foodstuffs/etc to hole up in our room from the zombie threat.

today's video is a couple of funny old guys...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 24

Happy Valentine's Day! Commonly known as Lovey-Dovey Day, Singles Awareness Day, Singles Hate The World Day, etc. Too bad it falls on a Monday; it must make tons of marriage proposals awkward if they decide to do it today instead of the weekend or something.

Picture: Stuff I'm working on/with

Background: See that paper? I hope so, because it's pretty obviously in the center of the photo. It's one page of 17 so far of another thing I'm doing. Writing a story! I don't want to tell people what it's about just yet, but it's been fun to write. As I type this post up, I'm in one of the school buildings, taking a break from working my edits into my laptop file that's it's in. They're also giving out free candy here and I got a dumdum lollipop (and bought an orange soda, since the dumdum made me thirty) that you can see the wrapper of.

Monday is also a fantastic day for webcomics, at least for me. All the ones I read update on Monday, so I guess it's like a consolidation for it being Monday. Amazing Super Powers, xkcd, Cyanide and Happiness, SMBC (and SMBC theater)...awesomesauce!

Totally forgot to mention earlier that my brother has an awesome RPG game that he's designing, and made a website for it. You should check it out! (I wrote the italicized intro) :) We already playtested once, and...well, you can read up about it if you're interested.

today's video is one of my favorites of cohen...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 23

I have a lot to do and so much time to spend doing those things. But my motivation level has just about bottomed out right now. So I took pictures and updated this instead.

Picture: Dead man's hand

Background: Inspired by this wallpaper that I have. I've got a bunch of awesome wallpapers that my desktop cycles through (including some awesome fire=water ones). If you're ever at a loss for a good wallpaper, that's a really good wallpaper site to hit up. Most of mine have come from there, with a few other pictures from elsewhere. It's got a lot of anime too, so if you're into that stuff, it should help. Plenty of NSFW ones too, but they've got a filter (hallelujah!).

Odd thing, when I updated yesterday, my page views shot up like crazy (the highest for any one short time period, I think). I didn't even beg for them on facebook! Crazy. I didn't think that many people found the link to the blog through deviantart either. Maybe someone took the time to click through every single one of my posts and read them or something, but surely I can't be that interesting.

today's video is from last week's big sporting event...

Day 22

Okay, I have to admit, yesterday's post was probably my favorite one so far. That's not to say I don't love my other ones, but that one was a lot of fun to "write". Since I feel like my two or three readers deserve an explanation, here ya go. If you go to the area near the student center (that's NOT under construction) and start looking around on the ground, you're bound to come across that little metal plate that has a question mark on it. Nothing but a question mark. Personally I think that it's one of the weirder things on campus. The links in yesterday's post were just other things I thought should relate to the picture, especially the video of the Riddler's 10 best riddles. And speaking of Batman...

Picture: Robin! (okay, I really don't know if this is a robin, but I wanted to make the pun)

Background: This was actually taken the same day as the ??? picture. Today I've been busy with sleep and gaming at my brother's house that I never took a picture. I think this cute little bird should rectify (haha, funny word) the situation though. I mean, there were something like 4-5 of them all scattered around eating stuff from the ground and whatnot. Since the area around campus is so nature-friendly, a lot of the birds and squirrels aren't very afraid of people. You can get within 5 feet of a squirrel before it runs off. Birds are a little more jumpy, but I still got within a good range for the picture (which is still a bit blurry, but whatever).

today's video is a fantastic lip sync...

Friday, February 11, 2011

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??????? ????? ?? ??? ??????????

Day 20

20 days in! Woo! Late update because I was busy with schoolwork due at midnight and I've been so preoccupied today with school stuff that I barely had time to think about a photo.

Picture: Penguins!

Background: My roommate, my ex, my first public school friend, and a large internet community can all attest to the fact that they are my favorite bird. They think I'm obsessed, but I don't think so. I mean, I kept myself from taking a picture of these penguins on a poster in the hallway until I absolutely had no other picture ideas, right? That has to count for something. The poster itself is for the university's night at the aquarium, but I've already been 2-3 times and don't really care for another go.

Another thing, I'm already feeling like I'm running out of the variety of videos I've got. I get links from everywhere (Facebook, IRC, forums, etc) but I usually forget about them. So if you've got some good videos that I should post up here, shoot me an email/comment/FB message/PM elsewhere or something. I think you're able to access my email address from the blog, but I dunno. Luckily, I was linked to something worth watching a few hours ago...

today's video is the best a fake translation can get...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 19

I got comments!? My persistent facebook nagging finally paid off! Thanks you two! And since I think it's cool when authors respond to comments, I figured I would.

Picture: You've got a dirty mind! (though triple-acting penetration sounds like a threesome, I'll admit to that)

Background: Went to Publix (grocery store) to get some things that I needed. Those things included four bags of marshmallows for Humans versus Zombiez, some chips/dip, and some Shout! to spray my clothes with for laundry. So when I saw that this Shout! bottle "Now Penetrates Faster!" I just knew it was perfect for me. It made me want to shout.

Speaking of laundry, no college experience is complete without doing midnight laundry. Every now and then (well, okay, every time I've done laundry lately) I get all my junk together, head out to the school laundry, and wash everything. It's really cool, since you've got the peace and quiet to work or listen to music or something as you hang out there. Then again I think it's just me that likes it.

today's video is of an unfinished game that looks fantastic...

Day 18

I have conquered WORLDS!

Picture: T

Background: It's the first T that I stole at Tech. It's a long tradition that you can go look up if you're actually interested and don't already know about it. It was from a sign on my dorm hall saying "DON'T" something or another. So I took it.

After I took some pictures, I realized it looked like male genitalia. Which made it even more hilarious when I put them on my computer and had the option to "Enlarge" the photo.

today's video is golden...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 17


Picture: My desk during my classwork

Background: Long night. Which explains the late update (2am? whaaaaa). Notice the pile of sunflower seeds that help me stay awake. There's also a towel (they're super useful), sticky notes on my TV and in my desk, an Xbox 360 that hasn't been played in awhile, a measuring tape, an unhooked mouse (moved my laptop to work), and other junk. See that picture in the center? That is the cause of so much pain. I needed to design a building for some office and had this awesome hexagon idea that fell through the roof all the way to the basement. So I did a tetris block instead that works at least a hundred times better. I actually had more space than I needed, where my problem with the hexagon was the opposite.

One question that I haven't had a satisfiable answer to: Why the f@$% do handicapped people need a 13' x 18' parking space? That's like a handicapped moving truck! It's such a redonkulous size for a van when you start to think about it. My dorm room can hold a sedan and it's 15x11 or something. Not that we've tried, but a sedan would fit in here. Promise.

...I don't have anything against handicapped people, I swear! I have something against this assignment that makes me allot 234 square feet for a single car. But $5 says my first comment on this entire blog will be something hateful towards me for my rage. (don't take me up on that bet)

Oh, and I've got another 117 picture, this time from my iHome. Enjoy!

today's video is on fire (and not youtube!)...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 16

Happy Super Bowl Sunday (congratz to the Packers)!

Picture: A tower of menus!

Background: Hockey band (that wasn't allowed instruments) went to the senior night game of the hockey game and made lots and lots of noise. The game started (not ended, started) at 10:00pm. So when it ended, we all went to Steak n Shake for some late night food and shakes. And when you put a bunch of menus and paper placemats in front of band kids at 1am, they're going to toy with them. So the menu tower was thus born! And half the time before we got our food we were throwing paper airplanes at each other. Even though we lost the game, it was still a ton of fun. It was an overtime loss, so it's not as bad as it could've been (5-4).

So I've got probably a few thousand things to do by Tuesday. I'm not exactly excited either...but they've got to get done! So it looks like an all-nighter on Monday. Yay.

today's video is one of my favorites...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 15

Ahhhhhhhh stuff to do and procrastination. Not a good combo.

Picture: ಠ_ಠ

Background: In Humans versus Zombiez, we all got bandannas that would show if we were humans or zombies. If you wore it on your arm/leg, then you were human. If you wore it around your head, you were a zombie. I didn't get turned into a zombie until the finale (a whole week of paranoia!). I decorated mine with this on one side for when I got turned, and I put a personal quote on the other side: "Keep your socks close and your zombiez far". You basically "stun" zombies with socks or marshmallows. It was a blast to play, and there's another week of playing coming up in about two weeks. I'm pumped!

Going to a hockey game today! Leaving my dorm room at ~8:30 to meet up with a bunch of people to go. Can't wait.

today's video is a hockey goalie knock out...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 14

Blargh! Tons of stuff to do and I'm not doing it. Double blargh! But hey, two pictures for today.

Picture: Love Remembered by Philip Wesley, and a page from a different song in the same song book.

Background: My songbook finally came yesterday! Woohoo! I love Philip Wesley's work, and I've been wanting to play more of his music. I can already play the one I linked above (bought it before I got the book). I'm on his emailing list and he sent out word that he had a songbook for $20 and he'd sign it too. I snatched it as soon as I saw the email, figuring the songs were cheaper in the bundle than bought separately (including two Christmas songs). I found out as I was waiting for it to arrive that it went up $10...so I saved by getting it early! Philip even personally emailed me. It was awesome. Already starting to learn Light and Shadow and got through the first page or so.

today's video is a dream come true...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 13

Another early update!? Awesome.

Picture: It's a paper...bird? Thing?

Background: My roommate made this last night (it was 1AM, so technically this counts as a picture I took today). He's planning on hiding them around campus and making some sort of game out of them. We're still working out the whole rules or whatever, but I'm helping out. Seems like it could be lots of fun! I think it's supposed to be a goose or duck or something, but I'm not entirely sure. Whatever it is, he says he's going to be making a bunch of them. Though, with only the 25-50 he's planning on getting done, I'm not sure if they'll be that noticeable. I'm thinking we need to go hide them during the early morning hours when there's nobody out (*note to self: propose this to him). There might be like a sort of reward or point system or something. Right now he's just getting them made. I think it'll be fun.

today's video is a pretty cool 3d animation...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 12

Early update for the crazies that actually give me pageviews at noon. Which would be nobody. But early update anyway because I caught a good picture with an hour between classes and I have my laptop with me.


Background: I passed a cement truck (not a mixer, according to second oldest brother) on my way to class. Near the bottom was a large-ish tank that said just that. I sort of chuckled to myself. I mean, you would think it would be pretty obvious that you should not drink things in large tanks that are attached to cement trucks. So I had to stop and take a picture (even with some odd looks, but I didn't really care. It was funny).

Today is also Say Happy Birthday to a Marine Day (aka, my brother's birthday). Gonna call him once I finish typing all this out. He's old. But I'll be old too, so it's okay.

today's video is a little subtle...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 11

Stress! And I've still got Statics homework and a thesis statement to write. Whee!

Picture: It was you who broke my mason plate

Background: I have sticky notes. Lots of sticky notes. I've got a dozen up up in front of me and six more behind me depicting various things. One is a Teeworlds tee with a hammer, two hold quotes from Llamas with Hats (Forgiveness and Friendship definitions), and others are some fun stuff that I've heard or seen during my life. This one, though, is from the anime Outlaw Star. Now, I'm not one of those crazy anime fans, but Outlaw Star was a really good one. So good that I got the DVDs. This quote is specific to an android that is connected to the storyline very closely. These specific words cause her to basically shut down. It's only said twice in the entire span of the show, so I thought it was worthy of a sticky note. The words to bring her back are only said once, and holds another sticky note.

Honestly I really thought the focus catching the words "broke" and "mason" really makes this picture better. The other words are slightly blurrier...I like it. A lot.

today's video is an utterly awesome typography...

PS - I got out of bed at 11:17am today.