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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 218-220

HA! Up to date!

Firstly, I don't know if I told you, but I'm writing a story. Right here, I wanted to show you about how thick it is. There are 44 pages there, all single spaced, nearly 30,000 words. I've been doing some editing in my free time. Which feels like almost never. I can never bring myself to work on it when I'm in my room, either. Something about having my laptop, TV, Xbox, etc all in one place is just barely distracting. But hey - it's a good time consumer when I'm idle. Plus, it's really enjoyable to see how far I've gotten so far.

When I'm not in class or at home, I'm probably doing something band related. The band did a couple of new sets today, so I took time out to take some pictures of the mallets I was using. That got some odd looks from one or two pit people, but I think this one looks good. I might have set the exposure a little too negative, but the ones with higher exposure made the mallets reflect light from the sun. That reminds me - I'm going to head to a photography club meeting this Thursday, and hopefully I can figure out some fun stuff from there. It also reminds me that I haven't uploaded any of these pictures to my hosting site in a long time...

I figure I'll leave you with something that I haven't posted up here in awhile. No, not a picture of me (sorry, ladies). I meant to take its picture when I went to Publix with my mother last week, but forgot all about it. When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I had my camera with me and got this picture. Enjoy :)

The best part? My mother had parked in the parking spot that this label goes with.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 216, 217

I'll owe you a Saturday picture, then.

First picture here is the most ghetto* way to open a can. Hammer and screwdriver to open a small hole in it, then the pliers to pull open the lid. No pain involved...thankfully. It was slightly annoying to scrape the food out of the can itself with a plastic fork, but everything turned out well in the end. That night I ate with my roommate from last year - and it was delicious. You'll probably not think the combination that we had was good, but forget that! It was good! Then we played video games for the next hour or so while my roommates drank and played games out in the room lobby.

Next, it's my campus! That tradition that it not endorsed by the college has led to signs that read "WES CAMPUS". Therefore, since my name is Wes, I own half of campus! But yeah, not too much of note has happened. I went to a volleyball game that turned out really well. I saw a couple episodes of Dr. Who. There's not really much else to report on my end, hence the lack of interesting pictures.

today's video is about planking...

*i do not use this term lightly

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 215


Picture: Peeps!

Background: So for HvZ this year, I'm going to be using Peeps as my marshmallow of choice. I still need to pick up some normal peeps to throw. Hopefully there are people out there with their own peeps that they aren't eating that I can use. *hint hint* Either way, I've still got a bag full of marshmallows for the finale, and God knows how much they'll cost at the grocery store, especially in the fall. I'll worry about all this when the time comes, though. And that time is coming soon...

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 213, 214

I lied to you! I owe you two pictures today. So here they are!

So, the first one is this interesting license plate. I'm surprised I was able to get a picture of it...since the owner is a NINJA! I think there must be at least three ninjas in this picture, but I can't find them. It's been parked in one of the parking lots since band camp, along with another car that has the plate "Mythril".

There are some real nerds here, and I fit in perfectly. I don't know if I'd get a license plate like that, but I was thinking of a nyanvan....

Secondly, there was this. I was on my way back from a bookstore and saw these. Lots of butterflies were flittering around them, and I managed to get one or two shots of them. I know that I'll probably kick myself for forgetting the name of the flowers, but I'm sure my local flower nomenclature expert will help me on that, right?

I also discovered today that the bookstore I went to doesn't take student ID. So I had to go to the campus bookstore to grab some books. That sucked.

Otherwise, good day so far. One of my classes got me actually excited for my major - not something I was really expecting.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 210-12

I miscounted and now have four pictures for three days. Whoopsies.

Well, here first is the scoreboard for Munchkin last night (Sunday night). Everybody got to leve nine one way or another, and we fought it out from there. Eventually S. Jr. was able to pull through, holding off his best cards until he was sure he could pull it off. That jerk! It was a lot of fun anyway, and it had been way too long since I had played Munchkin. Earlier there was also some lasagna made by some awesome people. It was delicious - enough to make a trip back to get seconds.

Next is a a little token of appreciation that one of the pit RATs gave me! It was just a little thread off of her shirt that she pulled off, but she told me to keep it when she went off to grab stuff from the band building. Me being me, I stuffed it into a side pocket and kept it. She was rather surprised that I did, apparently, and was happy.

We're strange people, the band.

It's now sitting in a safe box in my room somewhere. I really don't know why I want to keep it there. Don't judge me.

Last is my apartment room! It's mostly organized. The stuff under the bed is the fridge plus boxes left over from moving in. Don't tell my parents, but one of them might get used for HvZ instead of moving back home...Speaking of HvZ, my two bandanas are sitting right in front of the TV there. My gaming systems and music player are there too, and my phone is charging.

See the remote there? See what it's sitting on? It's a can. That can contains almonds. Natural, Whole, store-brand almonds. I didn't purchase them, and I wasn't planning to. The popcorn, the soda on the floor, the almonds? All bought by my mother for me. This is going to be a fun, but long, year.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 209

I owe you a day, gimme a break!

Picture: Another skyline!

Background: When you've got literally no time in the day, then this is about the only picture you're able to get. I'll probably get a picture of my new room at some point, but bear with me. This weekend is planning to be a long one.

The band is mostly done with the Prelude - just gotta get it cleaned and whatnot. Then there's also the Pit playing the crazy runs in it. There's also some of the second song that we've done, that we're playing tomorrow at the stadium for parents and the like. Since that's in the afternoon, it's going to be pretty danged hot standing out there in the sun. We'll see how that all goes. The Pit has the music for the three movements. We've gone through the first one, need to work on the second one more, and will start looking at the second one soon. We also have Starlight and Pumped Up Kicks for pre-pregame stuff. So far it's sounding really good, and it's good, college level music. I'm happy, to say the least.

today's video is an entirely different kind of flying, altogether...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 207, 208

Two days packed together - at least I'm not behind. And, as I was told by someone, I actually had the drive to get more than just a few days in and quit.

First picture here is a nice skyline over the top of the band. They were doing some set-by-set drill. For the non-band people, it means that they were going from one position on the field to the next altogether. While they were doing that, the Pit was kind of waiting around a bit. Someone pointed out the sky looked cool, and a few of us busted out cameras - all on phones but mine.

This other one was right before mini GAC. First, this is a friend of mine's hat hair, with the hat that caused it. The whole section got the same hats at Wal-Mart on Monday. HYPE! Currently mine is pirate style (think Jack Sparrow's hat). Second, mini GAC, or Miniature Get-A-Clue, was a small event about an hour long hosted all over campus. The RAT parents hid "clues" all over that led to each other. My group finished last, but we finished. That's actually the reason I didn't update yesterday - it was 1:30am by the time I got back to my place. Then again, I played Teeworlds for half an hour anyway...

today's video is one of the songs the pit has learned to play...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 205, 206


Double update time!

First, it's the view from Klaus, down Ferst street. Cars chugging along, just after lunchtime, etc. Some friends and I went out to Ray's for some "New York style pizza". I got most of the way through my calzone, so I call it a success. Percussion camp when really well this week/weekend, and we got a lot covered. Plus, the show music is insane - in an awesome way. Lots of fun stuff going on in it, including some fast paced marimba runs which are always a bunch of fun.

So yeah, I'm moved into my dorm. First day of full band camp was today, and it was mostly just a short little practicing packed with welcoming the RATs to Tech. There's gonna be some fun later in the week, too. We'll see how that turns out!

Right here is the view coming down...Tech Drive? Correct me if I'm wrong (and I know you will). The two of us getting dropped off after section dinners, along with our driver, got out to take some pictures of the moon behind the pencil building and Tech Tower. It looked really mysterious, creepy, serene, whatever you want to call it. It made me wish I had a tripod, that's for sure. After a new camera, that would be next on my list of photography equipment to buy.

I've still got lots to unpack, but of course I've already got my laptop, TV, Xbox, and bed set up. I'm just like that.

Also, I'd like to say one last thing -



[meaning, a RAT adopted me as his Vet, and I'm happy]


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 204



Background: We had a little down time today during practice, so someone suggested we had a dance off for the RATs. I would've filmed the whole thing, but my camera batteries are running low. That makes me a bit nervous about tomorrow's picture, but I've got a backup that I took today of some other pit peeps.

The song they danced to?


Pretty awesome, no?

Day 202, 203

This'll be quick

Pictures: Fire extinguisher label, and dinosaur nuggets eating each other

Good, long practice. Food was from lunch. Fire extinguisher in practice. Short post because roommate at the hotel is trying to get some sleep. But there's at least two pictures and I'm all caught up! Hurrah!


Probably should say something here where there's so much space. Oh well.

No video, sorry :(

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 201

I owe you day, mkay?

Picture: The shaft, except...

Background: ...with WATER! Such awesome right here. This means I finally get to swim in the fountain for the first time this year sometime soon. But first, I have to get through percussion/band camp. I don't know if I'll find time to swim during camp, but you never know. I'm not sure where my swim suit even is, other than somewhere back at home.

-Written on a hotel bed

Don't know about updates the next few days due to practicepracticepractice.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 199, 200

Whoo! So this covers yesterday and today.

First picture is MONEY! Cha-ching! Not just any ordinary money, but $2 bills and the old $5! If you really must know why I have these, well I've got this problem. Apparently I keep all the things that I think are strange, out of the ordinary, not seen every day, the list goes on. So I kept the three $2 bills I got, and I kept these $5 when I found them in circulation. Do you see any of them anymore? I didn't think so. I've also got $1 in drummer boy quarters, a franc, and a few other interesting coins that are uncommon in the USA. I'm a dork, alright? But this is just trying to show why it's taking ages to clean my room - there's so much junk that needs to be thrown out or stored. I really don't know how I got most of it in here.

Next, if you want a graphing calculator, then I've got this one here for $80. I normally wouldn't try to sell anything here, but someone asked me for pictures of it so one thing led to another, and now this picture is up here. There's a story behind it, sort of. I already had one of these, but I lost it in my high school band's drum room. It stayed lost for about a week before I got a new one. Several months later, it shows up again in the band room. I knew it was mine from the programs that were in it. So I decided to put the newer nearly-brand-new one up for sale for a decent price.

Other than that, I mostly got over my cold today. I'm now hacking up the drainage, but I'm okay with that - mostly because I don't feel like sleeping all day like I did on Sunday. Though, staying up to 3am like I've just done probably isn't helping. So, goodnight.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 198

Man, cold medicine tastes nasty. Well, Dayquil, at least.

Picture: TeeVees

Background: The one in the back is the one my brother gave me for free. I believe you've already seen it if you have managed to read my blathering for that long. The one in front, though, is my new one! Insignia, 24", LCD, 1080p. I'm not exactly sure what will happen to the old TV; I might give it back to my brother to sell at the family yard sale we're having sometime next month. I don't know if there will be any takes, though, because it weighs somewhere between 200-400 pounds. I've already tested out my new TV with some gaming antics. Which reminds me - if you have Xbox Live, and Halo:Reach or L4D or Burnout or something, feel free to grab my gamertag. Ask nicely, now <3

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 195 through 197


I've been feeling under the weather lately. Which is strange, because normally I'm under the weather unless I'm on a SPACE ADVENTURE! Anyway, I'm a bit sick. You'll have to forgive me. Or don't.

So first, I've got this little balloon flower. At a yogurt shop near where I work, it was their first birthday, so they gave out free yogurt for 1-1/2 hours. There was a friend's mom making these balloon animals and flowers and hearts, so I had to grab a picture of one. There was a little 8 month old boy next to us who didn't wake up after two different balloons popped. His parents even let him play with a small balloon dog for a bit - it was cute.

Next, here, I've got dusty outlines. There were small rubber animals - a dolphin and a whale - that were sitting on my old desktop monitor. I finally got all the junk off of my old computer moved to my laptop and moved the desktop and all its accessories and things to the back room. of course I dusted the monitor off first, but I had to grab a shot of this. I've had this computer for a long time. And there was so much junk on it. After moving many of the files, it was running a lot smoother than I remembered. I've still got Microsoft Office 2007 on it which takes up a lot of the RAM and C: drive, but that's just about the only thing that's even left on the computer.

Lastly, there's this "omnomnom" face. She works at the yogurt place that was giving the free food. I also know her from high school. She looks like a panda, whether she agrees or not (and whether her sister agrees or not as well). I was pretty happy to hand off Pit section leadership to her and the other girl that does it. From what she told me, their section gets along really well. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyway, I've got to grab some medicine. It was a pleasure to get updated again. Also, I bought a new TV. Pictures to be posted of it later. Hurrah.

today's video is about salt...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 194

Ha! Late, but I didn't forget! Yeah, it's almost 3am. So sue me.

(please don't)

Picture: Wesley Wormhole..?

Background: I don't know where we got them, but somehow my family got a hold of these "Garbage Pail Kids" cards. I don't even know what they're useful for other than being a little gross. Trust me, this is one of the lesser ones there were. Plus, it's got my name on it! Get it? Wormhole? Worm protruding from a hole? Yeah.

So this was the one I kept. Unfortunately I'm not blond (anymore) and I don't play with jack-in-the-boxes. Nor do I have a worm sprouting out of my stomach. That would be bad. I really want to find a permanent home for this as a sticker, but ideas aren't really coming since I'm moving a whole bunch of things out of my room.

today's video is an impressive light show...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 192, 193

Blargh! I really think I might just be doing a whole "post every other day" deal or something. I've actually been doing stuff lately! Mostly cleaning out my room. Which is what half of this post is about.

Picture: ROOM!

Background: I got the wall unit out of this room! It took a bit of convincing to move it to a different room, but it's all good...I hope. The TV got pushed up against the wall, sort of. It's still at an angle so I can watch it while trying to get some sleep. I desperately need to vacuum, but I think I'll do that after everything is done with. I still have that desk - I'm not sure if I want to move it out or just keep it in my room. It would be easiest to keep it in my room for now, so that'll probably end up being what I do. Fortunately you can't see the huge mess that's blocking the way to my bed. It includes weird things like shoes, my hamper, unmade marimba mallets, a paintbrush-notepad, and over $20 in rolled coins. It's amazing what you may find when you don't clean out your room for most of your life.

The other picture is something that you don't see every day - myself without glasses. I feel awkward taking pictures of myself because I don't want to turn into "that person" that takes those dumb mirror pictures or with the camera at arm's length away. That's right, I'mma callin' you OUT! Either way, it's me. Woo hoo. I've had glasses since 2nd grade. Wednesday, March 31, 1999 to be exact. Don't ask my why I remember the exact date, or the fact that I was late for school and arrived in the middle of music class. I've tried contacts, yeah, but I don't like poking my eye with my finger. It freaks me out a bit. I don't know if it was the camera flash, but I remember my eyes being more blue than that...

today's video is about art...