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Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 283

So I'd like to welcome all these visitors from Amazing Super Powers. I decided to start linking here from my comments there, and apparently people actually click the links in other comments' names. How quaint. It's a great webcomic, and a hilarious read if you get the chance. I hear they've got secret comics, but I probably shouldn't talk about that.

If I get any regular readers from that, they'd bring my total up to...four!

Picture: Dragonite!

Background: I'm starting to play DnD again. Because of this, I get to use my Pokemon dice bag again! I found it during summer break one day when I went to go find all my old Pokemon cards. It had some marbles in it (which I kept, too), so I replaced them with marbles that have corners and lines and things of that sort.

The DnD group is with a bunch of people I met thanks to HvZ/band. Some of them read this. I'm looking at you, CSA chefs! So far we've only played once, but we're playing again tomorrow...I think. Well I just remembered something that may be conflicting, but hopefully not.

(Happy Halloweeen. Quit reading this and go get scared.)

today's video is exactly what i plan to do tomorrow...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 279-282

I was messing up the count earlier, and I owe you four pictures counting today's. Okay. It won't be too hard because it's Halloween soon!

So what we have here is some friends! Nyancat, Waluigi, an Indian pirate, and a L4D hunter. That last one is me, too! There were some really cool costumes at the band party, including 99% protesters and a man in a suit holding a sign saying "I am the 1%", Link/Zelda couple, Britney Spears in her "crazy phase", Avatar, and others. Crazy cool.

Then there's that scoreboard. You see that? That's a win. Against the now 8-1 clemson tigers. By the means of our team. Victory tastes so sweet.

On top of that, I'm auditioning to be on Wheel of Fortune! So this weekend has been really awesome, and maybe Tuesday will be even better when I try out!

today's video also deals with clemson...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 274-278

Gosh darn. I owe five pictures. So, uh, four were taken today. As in, within the past hour or so. Unlike last big update, there won't be a wall of text then the pictures. I'll be nice and let you see the pictures first.

(as if you don't have a choice anyway)

I know what you're thinking: "Waiiiiit a minute, that's SIX pictures!"

...no? Not thinking that? Well okay. If you actually read this, then you'll see why.

So Saturday went well. Sorted some medical gear for a charity organization. But the hockey game beforehand was definitely worth the all-nighter. Even if I was a little dead for the rest of the weekend. Sunday was my sleep-in day for sure, even after my Saturday nap. Ran to evening Mass since I knew I wasn't going to get up for 11:30. Monday was exhibition night for the band! We went to a high school exhibition and rocked their socks off. We did our halftime show and the pregame show, with a little Pit interlude in between. The rest of the week has been pretty chill, to be honest.

The brick wall was some sort of drawing that I think one of the homecoming chalkers did. It was a decent drop from the top of the bricks. I thought it was cute.

The second one is on campus somewhere. If I pointed it out to you already, don't spoil it (I can delete comments! Muahaha). I didn't notice it until about two months ago. I'm willing to bet that it was there all of last year, too. Go find it!

The third one is what I'm submitting to the photography club. The theme for this two weeks is "Eye". Since I would be blind if I tried to do anything with my own eyes, I decided on the next best thing. My mechanical eyes! Apparently it's not due until a week from tomorrow, so I'm happy with that. There's also the Halloween theme too, so I'll worry about that when the time comes.

Speaking of Halloween, the main part of my costume is here: a dark, plain hoodie! I plan to look like a Hunter from L4D. Not sure how that'll work out, but we'll see! I was probably just gonna make some fake blood and grab duct tape for the rest of it, no fancy makeup or anything.

(Behind the hoodie is my band uniform, if you were wondering)

Finally, I couldn't decide on which of these I liked more. I was really leaning towards the first one until I edited them (like I always do now). Then I really liked the second one again. So I decided to use both of them! Looking back, the first probably is the better one, but the second still works really well. Thank goodness for my desk lamp and lack of laziness when it comes to photo editing.

I wish I could give prizes for actually wading through all that text.

Also, fun announcement on Sunday. It's not really anything to do with the blog, it's something that I'm doing that could turn out cool if I'm really, really lucky. We'll see.

today's video is a song i completely forgot about until today...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 273

It's 4:50am!

Picture: Squirrel!

Background: First, the squirrel. I was walking back to my apartment with a friend when this guy popped out of this tree bag. I think he didn't want to come out all the way because that was as far as he got. He was very still, so I got a good 4-5 pictures of him before continuing on.

So, you're probably thinking I'm nuts for still being up. Well, I am. I went to the hockey game. It started a little after 10pm, and the bunch of us went to Steak n Shake afterward. I got back to my room at 3:30am. Since I have to be up and by the shaft at 7:30 this morning, I decided to forgo sleep tonight. The thing at 7:30 is going to last until around noon, then I plan on getting a good 8 hours of nap time. The funny thing is that both all-nighters I've pulled at Tech have been due to non-academic reasons. Last year's was for the Freshman Cake Race which made me almost oversleep the homecoming game. Fun times.

So right now I'm trying to stay awake in my room with the tempting bed right next to me. I'm not sure what else I can do for the next couple hours to keep me awake, but we'll see. Until next time (later today!)...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Oh jeez.

Well, for the record, Monday and Tuesday were mostly uneventful. As was Wednesday. Except, it was cold on Wednesday. I hate the cold. And it was cold today, Thursday. But I get to wear my Apocalyptica gloves now! So all is not lost, yet I still hate the cold. Praying for a quick end to fall/winter/the early, cold part of spring already.

So, since Blogger messes up whenever I try several pictures next to each other, I'm going to go ahead and describe them to you. First was taken on Wednesday. The Pit has a thing about pineapples, and I think Erin may have missed Vet Appreciation Day. So instead, Erin went ahead and got her Vet this awesome cape. SuperVet, to the rescue!

Next, it's me again! I had to take a picture for my sister. My mother, sister, and I are all auditioning for Wheel of Fortune. Why? Well, why not? I've been watching it for ages, and I even called out a letter during a show when I was only a 1.5 years old. It'd be cool to appear on it!

Then, I present to you, PAPER! That's my two stories right there, a combined 61 pages of paper. I did some hardcore editing today (if you can call it "hardcore") in the Student Center. It was nice to sit down and just read/edit for once.

Finally, the healthiest my fridge has ever been. Dean's French Onion Dip, Dr. Pepper, and orange juice. I had to grab some things from Publix yesterday after band, and while I was there I decided to grab the orange juice. I keep finding myself lacking in something to drink with my ramen at night, and this works out better than Dr. Pepper.

So there you have it! Four pictures, four days.

today's video is awesome physics...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 267, 268

Whee! Two pictures!

Picture: More flowers!

Background: I'm home again! These are sitting on the nearly-almost-not-quite-done deck. I'll probably be taking more pictures of it tomorrow when I get a chance. Considering my "busy" schedule, I'll probably get a chance. Lots of people came over today: Brother and his kids, sister and her husband+kid, and a guy who randomly drives in and talks to Dad. His name is Carl. My Dad's name isn't Paul, though. If it was, I would giggle.

Anyway, there was some stuff that led to a bonfire today. That led to this fireball of a picture to be taken. I got to throw a bit of my hard work into the fire and see it turn into ash. We used the wood stripped form the old deck to make the fire. It got pretty tall at one point (and I've got some pictures to prove it, too). The wind was relatively low save for the wind from the fire blowing the trees. It was intense.

But yeah, that's been my last few days. Steak for dinner? Yes please!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 266

Sometimes, you gotta take a stand.

Picture: God Loves You!

Background: And today, I stood against fundamentalist Christians who told several people that they were going to Hell for their sins. It was like Oprah: "You go to Hell! And you go to Hell! Everybody goes to Hell!" Well I wasn't happy with what they were saying, so I made this sign. It's kinda rushed, but all I had was a sharpie and the cheap poster board I had bought at Burdell's. I made the sign and stood behind the hate-filled people. I'm pretty sure I was called a sodomite at one point (I heard a guy with a megaphone tell someone that there was "a sodomite behind you", but I wasn't sure if he was talking to me. He seemed like he was facing my direction). All I did was stand behind the haters and hold the sign. A good friend got his own poster and joined me.

Plenty of people got my picture, which made me smile. I doubt I'll ever see the pictures, but I know they'll be out there somewhere. I also got plenty of words of agreement and "Good job" and things like that. Hey, I'm just doing what needs to be done. Those guys were making us Christians look bad.

And lastly, props go out to the Catholic priest who was ripping their logic apart with the faith. It was amazing to listen to, and I only heard him speak for around 2 minutes. The guy was grasping at straws the whole time.

Anyway, I'm finally home for Fall Break! Got my power cord this time, as opposed to last time where I had 10 minutes of battery left and wasn't daring to turn on my laptop all weekend. It'll be a nice, relaxing few days away from Tech for once...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 265

I'm not normally a sucker for cute things...

Picture: Adorable Penguin

Background:...but this has GOT to be the cutest penguin in existence. It gets better when you push his nose in and his eyes come closer and he looks sad and OH MY GOD so cute! His name is Avalanche, and he was given to me by my damn good RAT for Vet Appreciation Day yesterday. Since I had already updated yesterday, I decided to wait to give you this adorable little thing.

Events for the day include a Photo Club free portrait setup which I was able to get only a few pictures with one person, one class which ended early, receiving homework in which I got .5 away from an A (except, because of the overall low grades, the grades are being shifted "to the right"), and playing games in the Student Center for a few hours. So it was a success, I'd say.

The cutest distraction I'll ever find.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 259-264

I have an excuse, I promise. Well maybe not for the past two days, but I do have an excuse. For the record, I need six pictures counting today. I did take pictures on most of these days (well, not Friday or Monday) so it's only partially cheating. Ahem.

(for the pictures, just skip this wall of text and head to the bottom)

So Friday things were going alright for the most part. No pictures that day, but I do remember being exhausted from staying up late and getting up early. Saturday was GAMEDAY (W21-16 over maryland). I was also exhausted, but for a different reason that I found out after the game. So we unloaded/reloaded our Pit junk so the battery/tubas could load their junk. I stumbled back to my apartment, fell on my bed, and napped.

Except, I didn't get out of bed until Sunday around 5pm, making it about 25 hours of sleep. So clearly I wasn't feeling well. I did remember getting up once for water (after telling many dream-people to get it for me with no success). When my phone's alarm went off Sunday morning, I was thinking that it was somebody texting me 13 times in a row, on three separate occasions. Fun times.

That's pretty much been my life for the past 4-5 days. I'm pretty much okay right now save for the hacking dry cough. So without much else to talk about, here are some pictures!

First four are from GAMEDAY. Buzz took all the RAT caps and gave them to the cool big guy here.
A Maryland player got seriously hurt at the game. Here's for the speediest recovery one can hope for.

Speaking of recovery, this is what I was trying to use to recover. It worked, I think. But it was nasty.

And finally, I was featured in a CROSSOVER!!! Hurrah! We made food together and took pictures (a combination of both of our specialties! how quaint). They're awesome people, made with awesomesauce. No joke.

But, uh, this picture wasn't on that day. That day was not yesterday. This picture was yesterday. I got invited over for DnD planning (woo!) and breakfast for dinner. It was delicious. They had bacon, so everything was right with the world.

So yeah, I'm not feeling terribly bad anymore. Just the occasional hacking-up-the-lungs coughing that passes by. So...yup!

today's video is a pretty cool photoshop tool demo...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 258

Gonna go ahead and get this out of the way before I delve into homework (at midnight!)

Picture: Leaf

Background: I sat outside by the shaft again today to write. I think this needs to happen more often while it's still relatively warm. Well, at least when it's jacket-weather. This leaf has sitting next to me screaming "Take a picture!" The colors on it were awesome, so I had no choice but to comply. Like usual, I messed with brightness/contrast to really bring out how cool this leaf looked. There were a few more, but this one was sitting by itself, so I gave it some company before it blew into the wind again.

Also, bonus picture because I took two while I was sitting at the shaft. You should be happy! Or not. It's okay either way.

today's video is what i'm listening to as i type this...

Fall is coming!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 257

Blargh! Posting yesterday's update right now, then I'll worry about today's later.

Picture: SAC fields

Background: Plenty of jokes are made about the name of this field. I'll leave you to figure out why. Anyway, I had lots of time before band, so I went ahead and tried to get a little writing done. That's exactly what I got done as well: a little writing. So I stood up and took some pictures of the fields prepractice. There's a building right where the Pit loads/unloads that has some benches to sit at and relax. The only problem was that smoker that stood by me and bugged me for 10-15 minutes.

Ah well.

today's video is an odd song someone showed me that i grew to like...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 255, 256

Every time I see 256, I think 16 squared. Every time.

Picture: That's my RAT!

Have you heard of the Copy/Paste game? No? Great! What you do is say "Copy" after someone says or does something, and when you say "Paste", they have to repeat what they said/did just as they did it. It restarts at the end of the semester for people here at Tech. And this was my RAT doing his Paste. I'm kinda mad that I copied over his previous copy, but, oh well.

Still in the planning phases of RAT appreciation day, too. This "having no money" deal isn't working out to my advantage.

Picture: The Wall

Background: Well, last year I had sticky notes up in my dorm. Most of the ones on the right are the same as some of the ones from last year, and on the left is my Exam schedule. I've got a big TO DO note that has nothing under it because all my TO DO stuff is in OneNote.

There are two new ones that I didn't have up from my last large collection: one that's just interesting. and one that I took from xkcd that was taken from Katamari Damacy (from what I can tell).


"Is it that it's FUN, or that it let's you FORGET yourself?"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 253, 254

Forgive me!

Picture: The CULC

Okay, this was taken on Friday. So sue me, I'm using it for Saturday's picture. I spent most of Saturday not doing much. I did laundry, does that count?

(Probably not)

Either way, I got to check out a friend's camera on Friday right after taking this and Friday's picture. It was exciting and jealousy-inducing. I'll have money for a nicer camera someday, but not today.

Picture: Fingerless Gloves

Background: Probably shouldn't have splurged on these about a month ago, but they're from Apocalyptica. They were my favorite band until I found EITS (and saw EITS LIVE ON THURSDAY RAAAAA). I've always wanted a pair of fingerless gloves, and since winter is coming around the corner, I think they're a justified purchase. They'll keep my hands warmer than having nothing like usual.

Else, I didn't do much today either. I overslept the Photography Club outing that I wanted to go to. I grabbed some groceries (and lost some more cash). My soda addiction is kicking back up. Unrelated to that, it's pretty rough carrying four bags and two 12 packs all the way from the trolley stop to my apartment.

Since this whole Project 365 deal is already 2/3 of the way through, I've been kind of thinking about what to do with the blog after the fact. I've toyed with a few ideas already, including posting bits of the stories I'm writing, to making it a weekly picture collage, or something along those lines. I'll probably keep blurbing about nothing and try to be funny as usual, though, so I probably won't go away.