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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 67

Epic link for the day, right here.

Picture: Another flower

Background: In the little garden in the Skiles quad, there's a few nice little flowers. I was passing by and almost just passed them up, but I decided to stop for a moment and grab a couple pictures for myself. I didn't quite like how they turned out, to be perfectly honest, so I might go back there some time and take a few more. Probably a lot more, since I only really had time to take 4 pictures. I have to rush to my Tuesday lab right after English in the span of ten minutes. It gets better on Thursdays when I have to go across campus and get points docked if I'm 10 minutes late.

What saddens me is that I didn't have my camera out for the guy on a unicycle that passed me not long after. It was pretty awesome to see, though.

today's video is half an hour of funny...

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  1. Azaelas... you should have plenty of time to get more pictures, and in more places around campus, too!