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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 159

Tiringly good day

Picture: GENTLY

Background: I came up with this idea after the boss sent out an email. She had other stuff in the email of course, but part of it was asking where all our pens were. So I took a cup, cut off the top, and used the magnet to hold it up. Pens go inside, and they stay there unless being used.

Got less sleep than I'm used to. But I got some good tips today, and I got paid. Then I went home, took a shower, and headed off to an Irish Pub. Where I won a $40 gift certificate. So yes, it's been a good day, but I'm a bit tired. What's better, though, is that I'm spending tomorrow with friends. It's gonna be pretty awesome. Then workworkworkworkworkworkwork. But that means money. So I don't mind at all. I'm definitely thankful to have a job; that's for sure.

today's video is brought to you by nambla...(ignore the part after 3minutes if you don't care, like me)...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 158

Funny story...

Picture: d'awwwwww

Background: Last one from the video, I promise. So I left my camera out in the car. Whoopsies. I even have a picture for today on it. Guess that'll be tomorrow's! So you'll hear all about my fantastic idea I had at work later. Very little happened today, including someone texting me at 10am that I have no clue who it was. If you're that person, please let me know. Because I texted back and didn't get a response. And it was something to do with a pit section. And I wanted to answer your question, but I didn't know if you were talking GT Pit or WHS Pit. Because I didn't know who you were.

If you can navigate your way through those sentence fragments.

today's video has to do with the daily show...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 157



Background: Did you see the video from yesterday? If you didn't, that's fine. If you still don't watch it, that's cool too. This is another picture from it. Since I'm not exactly sure where my camera is at the moment, I might use another picture from the video tomorrow if nothing exciting happens. Which, knowing my life, it won't! hohoho

Anyway, work went as normal today, played some video games, went to WaHo, etc etc. Exciting times. The best days of my life. Aww yeah.

today's video pinches...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 156


Picture: I love you!

Background: If you knew me from high school, you know who wrote this. If not, then I'll let you know that it was from a then-girlfriend. The reason I'm putting this picture up here is because of this video I made...The note was a major part of my entry to a contest to maybe win money or a private concert or something. If I win, yay. If not, I'm pretty happy with my video regardless. It's kind of emo at the end, but I don't really care because it turned out nicely and I'm proud of it. There are a few pictures that aren't my best work, but I don't think that it detracts from the video all too much.

If you think I miss her, then you'd be wrong. If you think I don't have my mind go back to it now and then, you'd be wrong. But if you think about me at all, then I'm thankful. I made an interesting realization the night after I took all the pictures that went into the video. And the next night, the big 90's weekend timed a song perfectly for me. Yeah, it's all mysterious and vague. If you really want to know, go ahead and ask. I honestly won't mind sharing the details, and I won't bite your head off if you want to know.

today's video is the tune i made this post to...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 155


Picture: The highway

Background: I swear the light was red when I took this picture, okay? I'm a good driver. Anyway, I've been editing pictures for a good two or three hours now, and this is one of them. The unedited one looks loads worse, and I don't know why I don't edit more pictures. I mean, some of these are turning out great for what I'm doing! If things go well, what I'm doing will reveal itself in the early morning hours. If not, then it'll be sometime tomorrow afternoon.

As for today, I moved about 4,000 pounds worth of rocks. 67 of them that weigh about 30 pounds each. I would move some into the four wheeler we have, drive around, and unload them. So I'd pick them up twice (all while trying to avoid some poison oak/ivy). So multiply those all out (67*30*2) and you get over 4,000 pounds of rock moved. The after shower was really nice, believe me.

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Day 154

Late? Not if I was in California. So nya.

Picture: Meeeeee!

Background: It's that piece of paper again. It's following me around! Why is it doing that. Why. I don't know. But it jumped in my car and stayed with me all day today for something like three hours. It's kind of annoying, but in a loving way. Why do I even have these pictures of this piece of paper? Again, my two and a half readers, in due time. I promise that it will be explained before Monday, but you will have to actually click the day's video of whatever day I finish with what I'm working on.

today's video is nirvana, reggae style...

Day 153

Doing a Thursday update on a Saturday...LIKE A BOSS

Picture: Welcome to my (Dad's) garage

Background: Not just parking space, but a World Class Destination. Our garage is pretty awesome. We've got tiled floor, half the walls are faux brick, and some black and white pictures of family members and the mill on the upper stucco part. And a black PT Cruiser inside the garage. With an awesome license plate. If you saw it, you would agree with me - and be completely jealous.

Other than that, Thursday was an ordinary day from what I recall. Nothing too interesting happened that sticks out in my mind. Oh, that piece of paper in the picture? All in due time, readers, all in due time...and at the rate I update, that will be a long time.

today's video is the only bieber song i can listen too...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 152

I did lots more today than I did yesterday.

Picture: Moneymoneymoney

Background: But it's not my $100. I had to run by the farmacy to grab some meds for stuff, and Mom told me where to find a $100 to pay for it. So I was playing around with it in the car while I was waiting for the prescriptions, etc. After that, I went to Ms. Schooling's house and played with him on his new Kinect. It was fun but weird. Then I showed him a song or two, and he showed me a song or two. Then I went to play three card poker, and ended up dealing instead. At least I got a free appetizer or entree or something for dealing. Good day. And tomorrow, I have a full photography thing planned out until I have to work. Hopefully I'll actually get up and go do it. Hopefully.

As for now, I now have "is photography of money illegal" in my google search history. Bam!

today's video is about the president...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 151

Did almost nothing today! Hurrah!

Picture: More of the deck WIP

Background: The stairs are in now (for the most part). I had a great idea to run a small HvZ game in my front and backyards, as well. But since there's no railing on the deck, and it's nowhere neared finished, I'm putting it off until later. I do have a few ideas for how to run the game, but that'll be later in life.

The 'rents and I ate dinner on the deck - steaks! The breeze blowing by was pretty nice. Other than that I didn't do much today. No work, everybody's elsewhere, so I just hung around the house all day. Horray.

today's video is about forgetting backpacks...

Day 150

Oops. I totally had a picture ready and everything. Then I realized I left my camera in my car and didn't want to go get it...

Picture: VOODOO

Background: This is hanging up at work. It's creepy. I only noticed it today, too. There's some cool paintings and stuff there. Um...I know other stuff happened yesterday, but I really don't remember what. Nothing too important, I guess, if I can't remember it.

today's video is a new weird al video...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 149

Listening to this right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Picture: Dr. Pepper (again!)

Background: This was 1.5 liters for $1 somewhere. Seriously. A big awesome 1.5 liters of the stuff. So I convinced Mom to get two for myself. Absolutely horrible for my soda addiction, I know, but it's too good of a deal to pass up. I think I've got a soda headache right now, too. But from all the other Dr. Pepper I drank today and not this one. This specific one is waiting for the right moment to be opened into all it's heavenly goodness...

today's video is set in a grocery store...

Day 148

Late, yeah, I know. Gimmie a break! I've been gaming.

Picture: Through the grass

Background: It hailed on me on my way back from my brother's place. But this has nothing to do with the picture. I saw these three toadstools just sitting in the front yard when I got home. I took a bunch of good pictures, for once! I was playing a bit with exposure because it was overcast and got some cool shots with it. Other than that, nothing too interesting happened today. DND went well. Might have to get a new CD drive. Parents' work on the deck is going well. Yup.

today's video is a fun filled kirby song...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 147


Picture: More turkeys!

Background: There were seven. Now there are six little turkeys. According to the 'rents, they ran one of them off. I have no idea why, but they did. They were hanging around the little concrete area outside the garage as I was off to work yesterday. Unfortunately I was only able to get one unblurry picture, since they like to move and my camera likes to make sure I know that my hands shake just barely. Fantastic!

today's video is the answer to global warming...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 146

Updating earlier than 11pm? Preposterous!

Picture: A lot of wood

Background: The 'rents deck is coming out nicely. Dad and two older brothers have the posts set, the deck and stair frames built, and the top of the deck's extension already has a floor. It's a nice change from our 17 year old deck that was getting ready to fall apart. The wood is nice and new for once, and they'll be staining it and putting a pergola on the outer part...It's gonna be nice, and great for the grandkids.

In other news, I'm closing in on 30,000 words in the story I've been writing for awhile. Crazy. And I don't even know where I'm going to be going next. I've got a very rough idea of where I want to get to, but everything in between is hazy.

today's video is braiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssssss...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 145


Picture: Bug 'n' Daisy

Background: I had a few daisy pictures I hadn't looked at yet, so here's the best one. A few of these turned out pretty well, and I'm glad that the little bug didn't move to where I could get some good pictures of it. I'd love to photograph more bugs, but my camera isn't equipped well enough for it. I'm probably a bit strange in that I want to take pictures of bugs, but they're cool. The ladybug picture from ages ago turned out well, and this thing (cricket or something?) was happy to be featured today. Especially since I didn't have any picture for today otherwise, and my camera is out in the car.

That makes me wonder if it's technically "cheating" if I have random spurts of photography and use those over several days. But other days absolutely nothing interesting happens. Your thoughts?

today's video is about robin and zelda...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 144

Lots of last minute updates lately, it seems.

Picture: Whiteboard of fun

Background: Two of the girls at work had very little to do, and this was the end result. Except one of them added a small thing to it a little after I took the picture, but whatever. "Be the light" is actually the tattoo that one of them has, and that made a little "Aww" moment between them, from what I was told. Apparently "Talk doesn't cook rice" is a Chinese proverb, too. Which is funny, because we use lots of rice at work. Okay, I thought it was funny. Don't look at me like that.

today's video is about japanese fanta...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 143

Woof woof.

Picture: That dog again! (from two days ago)

Background: Mostly because nothing of major note happened today. Apparently there was a debate on TV, but I missed it because of work. And I probably would have missed it anyway because debates and politics don't have any interest to me. I probably should care about politics and the presidential race and those things, but my personal opinion is that once they're in office, they're going to get bought by groups to where it's those groups controlling it all. But it's nice that they at least put on the air of free elections for us.

...please don't start a political debate in comments, all three of you who read this :(

today's video is about stick figures on drugs...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 142


Picture: Baby tomatoes

Background: See that wood? If I took this picture a few weeks ago, that would've been rotten, 17 year old wood. But Dad replaced it all! Now there aren't any stairs going from the deck to the ground below. He's got a ladder! I got to haul it all off to a part of the woods where we'll be having a nice burning someday. And these tomatoes are so cute, aren't they? There's even the little green things growing in there that I'm not entirely sure what they are - if they're more tomatoes or something different. Irregardless, it's nice to just sit on the edge of the porch drinking a 1-1/2 liter Dr. Pepper like I did the other day.

today's video is another they might be giants song...gimme a break, okay...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 141


Picture: Doggie!

Background: My Dad's deck is looking very nice with the new wood and all. So the neighbor's dog decided to drop by and have a look. It's weird to see him here, though, since our neighbor lives so far back behind us. He came up on the deck once or twice and I got some good pictures of him. His name is Jack, according to our neighbor who walked all the way to pick him up. I suspect that Jack wanted to get inside because it started raining hard about twenty minutes after the neighbor carried him off. It's probably still raining hard, but I can't hear it over listening to today's video. Over and over again.

Don't ask me what kind he is. I don't know anything about dogs, so I couldn't tell you, and I didn't ask the neighbor because I didn't really care. To dog lovers out there, I don't intend any offense. At least, none that I'll outright say.

today's video is by they might be giants...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 140


Picture: Gettysburg Quarter

Background: I got this as change from Burger King today. I had no clue they where coming out with these! I knew there were Puerto Rico and Guam quarters, but major historical battles? Maybe there will be a D-Day quarter too. I don't keep up to date with these things, though, so I expect to be surprised within the next few months.

I was talking in a British accent at work and Burger King today. Apparently I was convincing - one of my first customers asked me where I was from. The funny thing was that the only person that I had served before was deaf, so he wouldn't have known that I was messing with my voice. I might just keep it up, too. Maybe not every day, but it sure was fun.

...I'm a dork, okay? You should know this by now.

today's video is about having a delightful evening...

Day 139

I really don't know what happened yesterday.

Picture: Green, rained on leaf

Background: I literally looked up at the clock and it was 2am. There was no way I was going to be able to get a picture of anything remotely interesting. I was also late for work yesterday, too, so that made me mad at myself. But that's in the past now! I wasn't late today, so that's good news. Other than that, all that happened yesterday was conquering an entire solar system. Pretty good stuff.

today's video is about new york city intersections...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 138

Three card poker in about an hour! Hurrah! Maybe I'll actually win something for once.

Picture: Turkey!

Background: So I was sitting in my room, wondering what in the world I was going to take a picture of. Suddenly I hear Mom shuffling quickly towards my room, saying "Wes, Wes! There's seven baby turkeys!"

Yeah, there really were seven baby turkeys out there. Plus their mommy, which is pictured to the right. I looked around my room for my camera and dashed outside to see them. I was snapping as many pictures as my camera would allow, but I only got three good shots out of them all, two of them I'm putting up here. We've had the turkeys in the backyard for a few years now, and Dad usually feeds them sunflower seeds or something. This is why I want a better camera, though, so I can get more than three good pictures out of the 30 or so that I took before they left...

today's video is probably the best 8bit song in the world...

Baby Turkey! Click for larger image

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 137

Close...almost midnight

Picture: My church

Background: Yeah, like I said yesterday, I went to a little social at church. I took advantage of the emptiness of church to take a few pictures, but I was pressed for time. They didn't come out as well as I hoped, so maybe some day (and hopefully with a better camera) I'll grab better pictures. It's really an awesome place.

I forgot to mention that I had exactly $117 in cash yesterday. I had $100 to deposit at the bank and $17 from just having cash. I was counting it all at one point and then just sat there and sighed. Figures. Later, my mom had me read off a number that went something like "...761177..."

today's video is magikarp being awesome...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 136

Lots of stuff went on today.

Picture: Ganache Cake from Publix

Background: Worked lunch shift. Grabbed a shower and some nicer clothes at home. Talked to people at Verizon. Got a shake from Steak n Shake. Talked to people at Verizon again. Got texting - by the way, you don't have to text me if you don't need me. Got this cake at Publix. Went to church for a miniature social deal, where this picture was taken. Got home. Realized that Mom and I left the van at Publix. Grabbed van at Publix. Home again.

And now, typing this up. Joyous day, today has been.

today's video gets you thinking with portals...

(PS - this cake is not a lie)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 135

I'm going to run out of interesting things in my room pretty soon.

Picture: Round penguin!

Background: I'm not obsessed. Stop looking at me like that. I do love penguins, though. I got this last Christmas from Santa. In it I put coins and paper clips and little things that don't really have a place or would get lost just sitting on my small desk. It's pretty useful, and I like getting useful things as gifts. So keep that in mind if you plan on giving me something. But please don't give me stuff. It makes me feel like I have to give something back eventually, and I'm a cheapskate (and I'm horrible at giving gifts).

today's video is about rice and physics...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 134

Oompa loopma doopidie doo

Picture: John Dies @ the End

Background: This book is creepy as hell. It's not knock down drag out scary, but it's not a walk in the park either. I was at the Mall of Georgia last week with the family, and I saw this at the Barnes and Noble there while my mother and aunt were talking over ice cream or something. It caught my eye, to say the least. When I turned it around to read the back, I was instructed that I should not have touched it with my bare hands, but it was too late. They're watching. But seriously, if you want to be just creeped out, grab this book. I still haven't finished it, but my guess is that John dies at the end. Some weird stuff happens in it, not least of all eyes blowing up and the ability to count all subatomic particles in the universe. Weeeeeiiiiird stuff. Don't read this before going to sleep.

But for now, I'm off to work.

today's video may or may not be gay...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 133

Talk about last minute!

Picture: A weed in the forest

Background: It's just growing there in the forest, like nobody's business. It comes up to my chest, and it probably won't stop growing until Dad burns something in the forest again. He probably won't burn anything for awhile, though, since his next burn pile is in the backyard from messing with the deck. They're extending it out and whatnot and I think I said this yesterday but I'm not bothering to actually go back and check to see if I did and this suddenly became a run on sentence and I'm not doing anything about it any time soon.

I was working until 10:30, and writing until 11:30, so I just now got home. Thankfully I have this weed as a reserved picture for these kind of photographic emergencies. I've got one left, and I'll probably be using it tomorrow.

today's video is of my own 8 bit creation (headphones please, it sound better with them if you ask me)...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 132

Oh dear

Picture: Purple hydrangea!

Background: There are four or five of these plants, huge things, sitting outside my bedroom window, a floor down. They make for some great pictures, in my opinion. Unfortunately you'll have to listen to my opinion if you want to actually read through all this blog. Man, do I feel sorry for you.

Long day otherwise - I had to walk half a mile to buy three containers of oil for the car. It was completely out, and my oil light flashed on really quick as I was getting off at an exit. I was also in jeans in the hot, humid weather. Exciting times!...

today's video is why i wanna be an engineer...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 131

About to play some 3 card poker, baby

Picture: There's something missing...

Background: The deck! It doesn't have a railing! The 'rents decided to expand it (finally), and Dad took the railing off yesterday. I took this, which I've been meaning to, and some WIP pictures for the 'rents. Apparently Mom already got the Before pictures. I'm curious as to how it'll turn out. There's lots of talk about how far it'll go out, about pergolas, and the wall below. I might take an after picture just for you guys. Because I love you.

...as a friend

today's video is about uprising (read the vid description first)...