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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 91

Whee! Apparently a short post today

Picture: Giant Inflatable Buzz!

Background: I got message yesterday from someone in my high school (he's still there, I'm not). Apparently he was going to be on campus today for Earth Day, so I went and saw him. He's taller than I remember. And older. But that's too be expected. On my way out, I decided to turn around and take a picture of the giant Buzz that was towering over the whole thing. Probably 40-50 feet high. Definitely something unusual for today.

today's video is a dane cook vid (nsfw)...


  1. That very same BUZZ! makes an appearance at every home football game.... sham on you for not knowing.....

  2. But it was on the IC lawn for a change! D: