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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 87


Picture: Pokeball

Background: YES YES YES. It's finally here! I've been waiting over a week for it, and this morning I thought it wasn't here because I hadn't received the email yet. But my t-shirt finally came in the mail! The best part of all of it isn't just how amazing the t-shirt is. It's also that they actually followed my instructions of drawing a Pokeball (see picture below). There wasn't a receipt in the bag itself, so they sent the package (today's picture) with the Pokeball drawn on it. This was, honestly, the single thing that turned around my already-crappy Monday into a good day. As in, I was having a horrible day until I went and grabbed this package. Even though I've still got a long day ahead, I think I can get through it. I now have this shirt. I can do anything.

today's video is one of my three favorite songs, all time...

(click for larger)

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