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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 11

Stress! And I've still got Statics homework and a thesis statement to write. Whee!

Picture: It was you who broke my mason plate

Background: I have sticky notes. Lots of sticky notes. I've got a dozen up up in front of me and six more behind me depicting various things. One is a Teeworlds tee with a hammer, two hold quotes from Llamas with Hats (Forgiveness and Friendship definitions), and others are some fun stuff that I've heard or seen during my life. This one, though, is from the anime Outlaw Star. Now, I'm not one of those crazy anime fans, but Outlaw Star was a really good one. So good that I got the DVDs. This quote is specific to an android that is connected to the storyline very closely. These specific words cause her to basically shut down. It's only said twice in the entire span of the show, so I thought it was worthy of a sticky note. The words to bring her back are only said once, and holds another sticky note.

Honestly I really thought the focus catching the words "broke" and "mason" really makes this picture better. The other words are slightly blurrier...I like it. A lot.

today's video is an utterly awesome typography...

PS - I got out of bed at 11:17am today.

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