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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 27

I have TIME tonight. Say whaaaaaa

Picture: Order 69, Thank you

Background: *giggity* I figured that the GT Band would like this, at least. When the Taco Bell lady gave me my ticket and said my order number, I rejoiced a little inside. Right when I got it I knew it'd be today's picture. That's how a lot of them get taken in this Project so far - I know the picture when I see it. Sometimes I don't see it all day and make one up. Whenever that happens, I pick something around me that would make a good picture for the day. That penguin poster for Day 20 is an example of that, or the T that looked like a blue male body part (which actually turned out to be a good post, I think).

Extra pumped for HvZ. I went to the player meating tonight, and they reexplained the rules for the four of us that actually showed up. Possibly buying another bandanna for decorating purposes, but apparently you can only wear one at a time. Jerks! But they're admin so they're cool. I just can't wait to play. It's so dang fun.

today's video is 10 pretty funny moments (not the best imo, but still)...

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