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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 35

Late update!...I blame playing Sins with my roommate for this one.

Picture: It's a plane! Hiiiiiiii

Background: Yet another picture taken on Monday. I was really, really going to take a picture today (probably of myself to show the tiredness of this whole week). But the game went through today, and things were looking up after the end of tonight.

But actually about the picture; I wish my laptop screen wasn't so icky so I could actually tell if this is a halfway decent picture or not. There's splotches that sort of blur the screen just slightly enough to where it's noticeable if you're trying to examine the quality of...well, a picture. From what I could tell, though, I would be happy with putting it up here.

today's video is a song title that really describes me as i write this...

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