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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 23

I have a lot to do and so much time to spend doing those things. But my motivation level has just about bottomed out right now. So I took pictures and updated this instead.

Picture: Dead man's hand

Background: Inspired by this wallpaper that I have. I've got a bunch of awesome wallpapers that my desktop cycles through (including some awesome fire=water ones). If you're ever at a loss for a good wallpaper, that's a really good wallpaper site to hit up. Most of mine have come from there, with a few other pictures from elsewhere. It's got a lot of anime too, so if you're into that stuff, it should help. Plenty of NSFW ones too, but they've got a filter (hallelujah!).

Odd thing, when I updated yesterday, my page views shot up like crazy (the highest for any one short time period, I think). I didn't even beg for them on facebook! Crazy. I didn't think that many people found the link to the blog through deviantart either. Maybe someone took the time to click through every single one of my posts and read them or something, but surely I can't be that interesting.

today's video is from last week's big sporting event...

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