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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 19

I got comments!? My persistent facebook nagging finally paid off! Thanks you two! And since I think it's cool when authors respond to comments, I figured I would.

Picture: You've got a dirty mind! (though triple-acting penetration sounds like a threesome, I'll admit to that)

Background: Went to Publix (grocery store) to get some things that I needed. Those things included four bags of marshmallows for Humans versus Zombiez, some chips/dip, and some Shout! to spray my clothes with for laundry. So when I saw that this Shout! bottle "Now Penetrates Faster!" I just knew it was perfect for me. It made me want to shout.

Speaking of laundry, no college experience is complete without doing midnight laundry. Every now and then (well, okay, every time I've done laundry lately) I get all my junk together, head out to the school laundry, and wash everything. It's really cool, since you've got the peace and quiet to work or listen to music or something as you hang out there. Then again I think it's just me that likes it.

today's video is of an unfinished game that looks fantastic...

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