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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 25

Just to caution you guys (read: all 3 of my readers), I'm playing that crazy Humans vs. Zombiez game next week. So expect me to be paranoid and stressed all next week if I survive. And also expect a lot of indoor pictures too, since I won't have time to stop and take a picture of something whilst I RUN FOR MY LIFE

Picture: AWW it's a foot!

Background: Apparently some of those metal plates that you find on the ground around here have some fun messages. I knew about the ? one that I had for Day 21, but I wouldn't have known about this one if I didn't go past some of the more out of the way fraternity houses. There were also broken beer bottles on the sidewalk, but I didn't think they'd be very exciting, and I'm not sure the fraternities would like me to be photographing alcohol containers really close to their house. Yeah, that's my foot. Yes, I have a shoe on. I also really need new shoes pretty badly. So roommate and I are heading out to Target sometime this week (BEFORE HvZ, hehe) and getting some supplies/foodstuffs/etc to hole up in our room from the zombie threat.

today's video is a couple of funny old guys...

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