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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 17


Picture: My desk during my classwork

Background: Long night. Which explains the late update (2am? whaaaaa). Notice the pile of sunflower seeds that help me stay awake. There's also a towel (they're super useful), sticky notes on my TV and in my desk, an Xbox 360 that hasn't been played in awhile, a measuring tape, an unhooked mouse (moved my laptop to work), and other junk. See that picture in the center? That is the cause of so much pain. I needed to design a building for some office and had this awesome hexagon idea that fell through the roof all the way to the basement. So I did a tetris block instead that works at least a hundred times better. I actually had more space than I needed, where my problem with the hexagon was the opposite.

One question that I haven't had a satisfiable answer to: Why the f@$% do handicapped people need a 13' x 18' parking space? That's like a handicapped moving truck! It's such a redonkulous size for a van when you start to think about it. My dorm room can hold a sedan and it's 15x11 or something. Not that we've tried, but a sedan would fit in here. Promise.

...I don't have anything against handicapped people, I swear! I have something against this assignment that makes me allot 234 square feet for a single car. But $5 says my first comment on this entire blog will be something hateful towards me for my rage. (don't take me up on that bet)

Oh, and I've got another 117 picture, this time from my iHome. Enjoy!

today's video is on fire (and not youtube!)...


  1. Something hateful about towards you for your rage.

  2. Awww, man. I messed that up big time.

  3. Hehe, and it wasn't first either :)