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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 107

Well then.

Picture: My room is a mess

Background: I love the feeling of realizing that I haven't gotten a picture of the day at 11:30pm. Not shown: big red bag of pants/socks, mini TV, box of books, box of N64 stuff. I really need to clean, but I have had very little motivation since coming home. My desk isn't even cleaned off for my laptop. I'm THAT lazy.

Interesting day otherwise, though. After church, I went to O'Charley's with my mom (since it IS Mother's Day, after all). Trying to start the van afterward? DEAD BATTERY! So my dad came and jumped us, and we grabbed a new one. We called him, got jumped, and installed the new battery all in under an hour. Heck yeah.

today's video is about a giant piano...

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