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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 100

Day 100! Woohoo! And if you haven't seen the news lately (or heard about it from the 100+ Facebook status updates) then go check out CNN or FOX or BBC or something. I was watching the President's speech, so that's why I'm updating so close to midnight.

Picture: Squirrel!

Background: I was walking on my way to the Student Center when I saw this little guy. I swore, when I first saw him, that he was a statue or something, because he was standing so still. I grabbed my camera in my pocket (take it everywhere you go if you plan to do this yourself) and snapped three quick pictures before he fled. This one actually turned out really well - a lot better than I thought it would, to be honest. I figured I'd have some sort of blurry thing for today's picture, but this is a lot more focused than I expected. The people who saw me take the picture probably thought I was a little weird, but I got over that when I started taking odd pictures around campus. I mean hey, it's a squirrel! I know you see those all the time, but this setting was perfect.

today's video is about leeeeeeerooyyyyy jennnnnkinssssss.....

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