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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 103


Picture: Me, a fedora, and a guy with a tuba.

Background: Okay, this might take some explaining. Firstly, there were a whole bunch of students who just happened to be at the nearby dinging hall that began singing a song about a certain school they dislike, as well as playing a few songs on their instruments. I just happened to catch wind of this event somehow and showed up to sing and dance along. It was great fun. The reason I got a fedora was because the bass drum player asked me to hold it for him (and I wore it instead). We went from the dining hall to the local quad to the quad in the nearby North Avenue apartments. After they played some songs there, I wanted to get a picture with the fedora. Well, this tuba player happened to suddenly want to pose with me as he passed by. So we posed. It was pretty awesome. And now, I must study for this 8am exam tomorrow that is going to shaft me, and hard....

today's video has relevant to the phrase, may the fourth be with you...


  1. I don't understand why GT hates UGA so much. I mean, we're clearly awesome.

  2. http://tinyurl.com/5w7xfkb

    Awesome ;)

  3. That is not representative of our population. You should know; you like stats.

  4. Thus, "we're clearly awesome" isn't either.