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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 109

Oh yeahhhhhh!

Picture: Horse!

Background: When I was taking yesterday's picture, there was a horse. Just standing there. So, meaning to get one or five horse pictures from the ones across the street from where I live, I figured this was the next best thing. It works for today's picture, no? Neigh, you say?! Then you're a horse.

I pretty much read all day today. Seriously. I've been reading since I got up at 2 o'clock, and it's 10:30 now. Jeez!

today's video is also about a horse...


  1. Are you going to do a special post for day 117?

  2. I was definitely going to try. One idea was getting a collage of pictures and screenshots of the different 117s I've seen, as well as have the timestamp say 1:17pm. Any ideas are welcome, though.