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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 105


Picture: Flower (again?!)

Background: After I took the picture of the shaft yesterday, I was hanging around the Student Center and got to see these little beauties staring up at me. So I got a few good pictures of them smiling at me! Like usual, I have no idea what the names of these flowers are, but I like them anyway.

I've been busy packing that I almost forgot about this for today. I'm finally leaving this wretched yet awesome school for the summer. My final presentation in my class this morning went well (we were the best ones to present - and we only know that because one of the group members was sitting right next to the professor, looking at the grades...hehe). I'm just glad that it's all over, and that I was able to stave off any naps this year until yesterday and today. Now, I go back home for the summer....after I finish packing.

today's video is my hvz speech this semester (you only need to see the first minute or so from when linked)...


  1. Nice video choice. And who are those sexy beasts in the checkered bandannas?

  2. YOU DIDN'T NAP FOR AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR?!?! I'm sad for you and, yet, utterly impressed.

  3. Those appear to be white knockout roses, fyi