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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 122

Awww yeah.

Picture: A red flower

Background: I'm sure my local flower-namer will be around soon. This is hanging up by the front porch. I tried something different for taking the picture tonight. I used the macro setting (for taking up close pictures), backed up, and used flash after zooming in. Got a couple pictures of a clematis that came out interesting as well. I had to use flash due to it being dark outside, but the marigold picture I took without flash might be decent enough to show you all. If it was more in focus, the golden color with the night background would make it "glow" (as my mother said when I showed the ones I took to her).

today's video is about art...


  1. If you insist.... petunias! AKA the only flower I'm having any luck with this summer....

  2. Oh, duh! I should've known that one. Now that I look back I don't know why I couldn't figure it out since petunias are one of the few that I actually know the name of. Thanks again :D