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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 102

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Picture: My workspace

Background: I have been sitting here all day. No, really. I've obviously ventured outside my dorm room once or twice (food, restroom), but honestly, I haven't had to go anywhere. And the rain gave me the perfect excuse not to go outside! So there hasn't been really any picture taking opportunities today. I considered another lame picture of myself, but I thought it might be worth it to take a picture of my entire desk. I mean, I'm moving out in about four days! You can see my clock, phone, towel (just barely), some papers, my lamp, and of course, all my sticky notes. My laptop was playing this song at the time. They're not really reminders for anything - most of them are silly in one way or another. I've got three more on the wall to me left and two on the TV on my right. Those five are semi-serious. So yeah, that's my workspace. Come to think of it, I should've take it with 11:17pm on my clock, but I just realized it at 11:18 as of me typing this up.

Two other interesting things: For one, I'm actually going to start proofreading these posts. I used to not, until yesterday. I'm sure it was obvious sometimes. For two, the keywords "hope there won't be too much pandalism today!" somehow got linked to my blog. Funsauce.

today's video is a second guile's theme attuned to recent events...

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