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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 129

For some reason I searched the number 129 to see if it was prime (it's not, it's apparently semiprime), and it's actually the sum of the first ten primes. It's even a happy number! Seriously, where do mathematicians come up with this stuff.

Picture: Sorry, flower-namer, I actually know this one!

Background: It's a marigold! Emphasis on the "gold". Then again, it does look merry. This is probably one of half a dozen flowers I can name by sight. I took this (along with what will probably be the next few days' worth of pictures) on Saturday after working outside for a bit.

For today, I went to work for my brother that's closest in age to me. He does catering around here, and today's job was a 400 person deal. I haven't gotten up at 6 in the morning in quite awhile, and I hope I don't have to until July when I work for him next.

today's video is about ponies, physics, and fantastic animation...

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