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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 117

It's Day 117! Hurrah! Time to celebrate!

Picture: Me! What am I doing with my hands..?

Background: My right hand is two 1's, and my left hand is the sign language symbol for 7. So, it's 117! If I ever have a gang sign, it would be this.

...I'm such a dork.

Anyway, for your pleasure, I've got a whole web page dedicated to my little obsession over this number. The page is somewhat weird looking, but it's better than what it could have been. I'm no web page designer, that's for sure.

A few more facts about the number:
  • The year 117 started on a Thursday - and I never got the hang of Thursdays
  • It is a pentagonal number
  • It is an emergency number in Portugal, Switzerland, and the Philippines
  • The main Spartan named John in the Halo series is number 117
  • Only one person has died at age 117, Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur of Canada
  • GA Highway 117 is also known as Rhine Highway
  • When you enter it into Google, this is the first webpage that comes up. For Youtube, it is this song.
  • The number just happens to have a Facebook page, that just happens to relate to this blog heavily.
And, of course, it follows you and I everywhere we go. Happy May 18th, day 117 in my Project 365.

today's video is about college baseball rain delay antics...


  1. I like the gang sign.

    "it follows you and I everywhere you go"

    It's following you whenever I go? Now that is freaky.

  2. Oopsie, that's supposed to be "wherever we go". Ah well.

  3. Throwing up horns and the shocker. Interesting.

  4. I will neither confirm nor deny that I had thought about that when I posted the picture.

  5. Love the video :)