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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 116

Hey! Tomorrow is the 117th day! If you happen to have any pictures to do with 117, just yell.

Picture: You're so jealous

Background: Or, you would be, except you won't be jealous of the fact that, just before smugly thinking I was going to be rubbing these beautiful pieces of goodness in your face, I spilled the ice cream on my carpet in the bedroom. I was all high and mighty until I opened the page for posting and dropped the bowl of heaven on the floor, staining the carpeting. So before typing this out, I walked to the 'rents room, asked what to use to get the stains out, and cleaned it all up. Definitely learned a lesson today - don't put ice cream on the edge of my small desk. It'll fall. There's probably another lesson to learn about being smug and jealousy, but it escapes me.

On the plus side, if you look carefully, the Toblerones have the triforce on them. The triforce. That was the first thing I noticed about them when I was given them. Awwwww right.

today's video is about four loko...(nsfw)...

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  1. I'm sorry, that seems completely disgusting. I hope you had 5 or 10 friends to share.