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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 120

Four months in! One third of the way through! I can do this, hopefully.

Picture: Mr. Hawk

Background: This fella lives in our backyard. He often sits on the deck, since my dad sets out meat and fat that we don't eat for him to munch on. He's had a family or two, and we can usually see his nest in one of the large trees in the back yard. Today he was getting dive-bombed by angry blue jays while I was taking pictures, but I still managed to get some good ones. The bad part is that I had to take them through a dirty window, so the quality could stand to be better on the six good ones that came out (out of the 15 I took before he flew off). Irregardless, I'm happy with this one.

I was actually thinking over what could be today's picture as I pulled into the garage. I thought I had an idea, but then I walked inside my house and saw him perched there. Thankfully he didn't fly off when I turned on the camera!

today's video is awesome science...

Edit: Ah, and before I forget, it looks like we all lived through the rapture. I'm not surprised to still be around, how about you guys?


  1. Love you, but irregardless is not a word. So much for the great education at North Ave. Trade school ;)

    Oh, and I like the picture. I'm not a huge fan of birds, but it's pretty cool that a hawk just chills out on your deck sometimes. You should totes name him.

  2. I say "irregardless" to annoy people who are grammar nerds, actually. If you have me on facebook, go ahead and check out my more recent Note I wrote back in April. First few paragraphs should do it ;)

    My dad always calls out "Mr. Hawk!" whenever he's bringing food out for him, so that's what I think of him as. I'm not in the habit of naming things, though, so I'm okay with Mr. Hawk :)