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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 303, 304


Some crazy HvZ people got hold of my camera and took some shots during the mini games over this past weekend. Some of them didn't turn out all that good, while others turned out pretty cool. Here's one of the resulting pictures. In the foreground is my roommate from last year, and I'm to the right in the background. I believe this was one of my winning rounds as a human.

The minigames were fun. Today I was able to make it to the escort mission type as well as the Zombie Circle of Death. The latter got my knees scraped, as I normally dive after humans when trying to nom them. 1 on 1 usually has the human winning thanks to humans being able to have a range stun while zombies can only tag. Irregardless, it was tons of fun. I shouldn't have worn a long sleeve shirt; I got really hot underneath it, and it was in the 60s all day (in NOVEMBER?!)(INTEROBANG?!).

As for today, it was rather uneventful. Nothing of note happened in life, save for the last regular season marching band practice.

Until tomorrow, hopefully.

If only they were a bit more badass in the background...

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