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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 291

Yesterday was 11/7, and I completely forgot to mention it in my post! Oh well.

I have a treat - three pictures! There's this connection of two sidewalks that has some pansies in it. I took a couple shots of them, and got a few nice ones. I probably got a few looks from the one or two people walking by, but that's why I waited until later in the day to take them...well, actually, I had just finished with what I had to do today and it was right there, so that's actually why. I would at other times, but taking pictures of flowers with 200 people walking by feels a little awkward to me.

I'm also trying to 1up Zach Weiner and his triple update on Monday! Except, not really. I'm not as funny as him. But I have pictures of things that actually exist!

The bottom one is the one I'm most proud of, and the middle one turned out really nice too.

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