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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 298

I want to write this one quick so I can get some sleep

Picture: Worship the headphone jack!

Background: My most fun "photoshoots" are of me at 1am. This one was pretty simple: my room light, my desk lamp, a box and a binder. My camera sat on top of the box and binder, that is. I was just screwing around because I knew I needed a picture for today. Then this came out - I might use it for my Photography Club submission for "Madness". Because what is madness, but a lack of music?

(that's pretty deep, isn't it?)

Speaking of which, I don't understand why I stopped listening to Pandora. I jumped back on it the other day and, with rainymood going, turned on an instrumental/post-rock channel. There's some good ambient music that I've gotten the chance to leak into my ears.

That's all, folks.

It got rather silly.

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