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Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 296, 297

Just over two months left going here! I'm pretty happy I got at least this far.

Picture: 24

Background: This is probably the most surprising grade I have ever gotten. I thought I failed. I thought I at least got under the class average of 19.5 out of 25. When I got my test back, I double checked to see who it belonged to, because I seriously doubted that it was mine. Then I got back my homework which was the highest I ever received on homework in that class (45/50). This week just started out amazing, and damn it all if it doesn't end that way.

Picture: Trees (again)!

Background: Lots and lots of trees are turning into this beautiful shade of red around campus. These are two of them, over near West Campus. Not much else to say about...trees.

My sleeping schedule is out of whack after two all nighters and spending the day sleeping. But gaming all night for charity will do that to you! Except, y'know, they hit the quota for how much was going to be donated, and there was no more money for food. I promptly left at around 7am on Sunday for sleep. I think I had about another ten hours of stuff before I went to bed last night.


today's video is the new four chords song...

A very happy birthday shout out to the local flower namer, as well. Without your help I don't know how far my nomenclature skills would lead me away from the light.

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