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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 133

Talk about last minute!

Picture: A weed in the forest

Background: It's just growing there in the forest, like nobody's business. It comes up to my chest, and it probably won't stop growing until Dad burns something in the forest again. He probably won't burn anything for awhile, though, since his next burn pile is in the backyard from messing with the deck. They're extending it out and whatnot and I think I said this yesterday but I'm not bothering to actually go back and check to see if I did and this suddenly became a run on sentence and I'm not doing anything about it any time soon.

I was working until 10:30, and writing until 11:30, so I just now got home. Thankfully I have this weed as a reserved picture for these kind of photographic emergencies. I've got one left, and I'll probably be using it tomorrow.

today's video is of my own 8 bit creation (headphones please, it sound better with them if you ask me)...

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