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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 153

Doing a Thursday update on a Saturday...LIKE A BOSS

Picture: Welcome to my (Dad's) garage

Background: Not just parking space, but a World Class Destination. Our garage is pretty awesome. We've got tiled floor, half the walls are faux brick, and some black and white pictures of family members and the mill on the upper stucco part. And a black PT Cruiser inside the garage. With an awesome license plate. If you saw it, you would agree with me - and be completely jealous.

Other than that, Thursday was an ordinary day from what I recall. Nothing too interesting happened that sticks out in my mind. Oh, that piece of paper in the picture? All in due time, readers, all in due time...and at the rate I update, that will be a long time.

today's video is the only bieber song i can listen too...

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