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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 138

Three card poker in about an hour! Hurrah! Maybe I'll actually win something for once.

Picture: Turkey!

Background: So I was sitting in my room, wondering what in the world I was going to take a picture of. Suddenly I hear Mom shuffling quickly towards my room, saying "Wes, Wes! There's seven baby turkeys!"

Yeah, there really were seven baby turkeys out there. Plus their mommy, which is pictured to the right. I looked around my room for my camera and dashed outside to see them. I was snapping as many pictures as my camera would allow, but I only got three good shots out of them all, two of them I'm putting up here. We've had the turkeys in the backyard for a few years now, and Dad usually feeds them sunflower seeds or something. This is why I want a better camera, though, so I can get more than three good pictures out of the 30 or so that I took before they left...

today's video is probably the best 8bit song in the world...

Baby Turkey! Click for larger image

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