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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 140


Picture: Gettysburg Quarter

Background: I got this as change from Burger King today. I had no clue they where coming out with these! I knew there were Puerto Rico and Guam quarters, but major historical battles? Maybe there will be a D-Day quarter too. I don't keep up to date with these things, though, so I expect to be surprised within the next few months.

I was talking in a British accent at work and Burger King today. Apparently I was convincing - one of my first customers asked me where I was from. The funny thing was that the only person that I had served before was deaf, so he wouldn't have known that I was messing with my voice. I might just keep it up, too. Maybe not every day, but it sure was fun.

...I'm a dork, okay? You should know this by now.

today's video is about having a delightful evening...

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