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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 156


Picture: I love you!

Background: If you knew me from high school, you know who wrote this. If not, then I'll let you know that it was from a then-girlfriend. The reason I'm putting this picture up here is because of this video I made...The note was a major part of my entry to a contest to maybe win money or a private concert or something. If I win, yay. If not, I'm pretty happy with my video regardless. It's kind of emo at the end, but I don't really care because it turned out nicely and I'm proud of it. There are a few pictures that aren't my best work, but I don't think that it detracts from the video all too much.

If you think I miss her, then you'd be wrong. If you think I don't have my mind go back to it now and then, you'd be wrong. But if you think about me at all, then I'm thankful. I made an interesting realization the night after I took all the pictures that went into the video. And the next night, the big 90's weekend timed a song perfectly for me. Yeah, it's all mysterious and vague. If you really want to know, go ahead and ask. I honestly won't mind sharing the details, and I won't bite your head off if you want to know.

today's video is the tune i made this post to...

1 comment:

  1. I love the video :)
    It is just enough nostalgia! Makes me think of past and present situations a bit...but in a non-emo way. lol.
    Also...now I will have that song stuck in my head :D