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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 145


Picture: Bug 'n' Daisy

Background: I had a few daisy pictures I hadn't looked at yet, so here's the best one. A few of these turned out pretty well, and I'm glad that the little bug didn't move to where I could get some good pictures of it. I'd love to photograph more bugs, but my camera isn't equipped well enough for it. I'm probably a bit strange in that I want to take pictures of bugs, but they're cool. The ladybug picture from ages ago turned out well, and this thing (cricket or something?) was happy to be featured today. Especially since I didn't have any picture for today otherwise, and my camera is out in the car.

That makes me wonder if it's technically "cheating" if I have random spurts of photography and use those over several days. But other days absolutely nothing interesting happens. Your thoughts?

today's video is about robin and zelda...

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