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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 158

Funny story...

Picture: d'awwwwww

Background: Last one from the video, I promise. So I left my camera out in the car. Whoopsies. I even have a picture for today on it. Guess that'll be tomorrow's! So you'll hear all about my fantastic idea I had at work later. Very little happened today, including someone texting me at 10am that I have no clue who it was. If you're that person, please let me know. Because I texted back and didn't get a response. And it was something to do with a pit section. And I wanted to answer your question, but I didn't know if you were talking GT Pit or WHS Pit. Because I didn't know who you were.

If you can navigate your way through those sentence fragments.

today's video has to do with the daily show...

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