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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 221-224

Up to date again. *cough* Yeah.

I went to the Dragon Con parade this morning. It was pretty sweet, and I got lots and lots of pictures (easily over 400). So expect my filler-days to include some sort of Dragon Con costume!

But first, it's THE BIEBS. In all his glory! With a dolphin! And the poster is signed! No, really, this is hanging up in my apartment and I have no clue as to where it came from, how my roommates acquired it, or even why they have it in their possession. I'm afraid to ask.

Last night I actually went to dinner with some people at Moe's. The people were all with the band fraternity, and I got a bid during practice on Wednesday. It feels just a tad awkward when people congratulate me on it, even though I'm not accepting and I'm not sure if I will accept. It's hard enough to get myself focused on schoolwork and things I need to do. This picture is the scene on the way to the place, looking from Moe's towards the sunset. I probably shouldn't have set the exposure so negative...but it's not all that bad, I think.

And now, for a pair of Dragon Con pictures!

It was pretty fun. Lots of interesting costumes. Lots of variation. From military, to MLP, to Dr. Who, to Nyancat. Seeing all these costumes and the hard work put into them was really worth waking up at 8am. I applaud you all, wherever you are.

today's video is lux aurumque...

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