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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 248, 249

Braves-tacular! I went to the Braves game on Monday night and got a few good pictures. I need one for Monday, Tuesday, and today. Lately I felt like I've been kinda cheating and taking lots of pictures on one day when I'm supposed to be taking a picture per day. So, since it's barely into Wednesday right now, I'll wait until later tonight to (hopefully) find a picture.

The good thing is, I took pictures on both Monday and Tuesday! So these are cheater pictures!

Picture: Turner Field (Defense!)

Background: We lost :( But it was still really enjoyable. I got to go with a friend from way back in elementary school who is going to Tech too, and has the same major as I do! The Philies can suck it, by the way.

Picture: "What's that?"

Background: Photography Club had a workshop last night to do with lighting and flash photography. We played around a bit with umbrellas and dummy flashes and technical terms that didn't all make it through my head. There's a lot to learn, and hopefully I'll save up the money for a halfway decent SLR camera. I can still do OK work with the point-and-shoot, but there's only so many settings I can adjust and only so much I can control when I take pictures. This was probably one of maybe three decent pictures I took last night. A few might have turned out better, but my laptop screen has gotten so dirty that I can't tell. I think I might clean it tonight just so I can actually rate my own pictures.

today's video is about motion...

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