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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 228

Fifteen squared. (just kidding)

Picture: Nyancat Button

Background: Wait, what? Apparently someone got this for me at Dragon*Con (^_^). This...is pretty awesome. I'm pretty thankful for this, too.

Today was pretty busy, then band was over and I played piano for another hour and a half. The first wave of homework is done, now to prepare for the next. Did I mention that I joined the photography club, by the way? There are themes throughout the year that we have to work on, and this week's is "void". Still trying to come up with ideas, but they aren't flooding my brain. I'm sure I'll grab something before the month is over, though. For now, though, I was about to put a bunch of my pictures on a flash drive and do this thing to where we have 15 seconds to go through our best work and explain it to the group. Everybody probably won't go (the meating is tomorrow), but it should still be fun. I'll at least get a chance to show them what I can do with a little point and shoot!

today's video is not for those who hate clowns, hospitals, money, or still life...


  1. http://ghostfire.deviantart.com/gallery/24156539#/d3j11tn

    I found the art that the button came from (it helped knowing where it was bought from... not sure how to get more buttons for everyone else who apparently liked it, though....

  2. I've had a fair share of people compliment it, that's for sure.