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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 252

I think I got my picture taking act together again! Hopefully I will not have spoken too soon.

Picture: BUZZ!!

Background: Here I was, sitting at the shaft, writing for a bit, when Buzz walked by! I didn't get a chance for a high five and he didn't head near me, but I still got a picture while he was getting a hug from some chicks nearby. I love that I actually saw Buzz during the day and not just at games like usual. He's such an awesome mascot. I mean, he's BUZZ! How can you not like such an awesome Buzz?!

today's video is a cool song by the opening act last night...


  1. How lovely that she's holding a cigarette.......

  2. Yeah, I wasn't gonna mention it at first because it almost ruins the picture for me :(