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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 242-246

Oh jeez. I don't like that this is starting to turn into weekly updates.

But, pictures! Four from the game yesterday, one from the bus stop near the student center. The game was awesome (especially now that we're 4-0). Not much else to cover over the rest of the week, though. Not much stuff is happening other than school and band. Which is pretty much the entire set of photos is here.

I did do a miniature presentation of 20 of my best pictures to the photography club. The flash drive is floating around with some friends, but if you want to see what I consider some of my best pictures, then just ask me. Unless I have to mail it to you, then probably not, but I could send the files over when I get the drive back.

So yeah, here they are, five pictures!

here's a video to cheer you up...

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