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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 168

Warning: If stitches gross you out, then don't scroll down, 'cause that's what today's picture is.

Background: Well, you know the story already. A hawk came down, swooped at my hand and - But not really. It was a pretty deep cut from a large knife; it was around a quarter inch or so, I think. Working a lot with my left hand is a bit irritating at times, but my right isn't completely useless.

Other than that, I worked lunch today. Later I overheated my Xbox 360 - which reminds me, you should totally add me on Live if you have it. Pretty chill day today, and nothing else to report on my end, aside from getting caught up in Project 365. How was YOUR Friday?

today's video is very interesting if you want to watch the whole thing...


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