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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bonus Time!

NSFW for one F-bomb at the end. Don't say I didn't warn you.




Hey. Wake up.


Wake up.
No. It's comfy here.
Not for long. Sit up.
Why should I?
Because things are about to happen.
How do you know?
Get up.
Who are you?
Get. Up.

I opened my eyes. It was still dark outside, so I reached over and tried the cord on the lamp. No light. I fumbled for the remote on the floor near my bed. The TV wouldn't turn on either. My tired self groaned.

Uh, can you give me my electricity back?
Get dressed. Pick your favorite shirt since you'll have it on for awhile.
What are you talking about?
Wait, where are you, anyway? I'm the only one in here.
No, you have guests. Not in your room, but in the building.
What's going on? You're speaking to me in my head?
I don't like this.
Too bad. Now get out of bed before things happen.
What things?

Suddenly a bit more awake and alert, I flung the covers off of myself. I turned to sit on the edge of my bed. Yawning, I stood up and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I made my way to the bathroom down the hall, and after finishing the call to nature, I turned on the shower. Only, no water came out. I should've figured, since the toilet didn't flush either.

You'll have time to bathe later. Get a hat if you don't like your bed hair, some shorts, socks, and shoes on.
Oh, come on! I'll smell horrible.
Why should I even listen to you?
Because if you don't, you die.
How would you know?
We can talk later.
That's not a good answer.
You're not a good listener. Now hurry up

I sighed. This voice showed no signs of leaving my head, and damn, it wanted me to leave. I went back to my room, threw on a change of clothes, grabbed a Braves cap, and reached for my keys.

Don't bother with your car. It won't work either.

You've got to be kidding me. Whatever, I was just going to let it be since nothing else had worked yet.

So where am I headed, voice?
I meant, from there?
You know, you really starting to get on my nerves.
This is the only way to survive. Don't you want to survive?
Not if you're gonna stay in my head like this.

It didn't respond. I couldn't tell if it was male or female, since it was a whisper. A strong whisper, but nothing more. At this point I thought I was just going nuts, listening to this voice in my head. But I figured that going a little crazy would be a nice change. It would be a reasonable excuse to miss work, especially since working two jobs at 20 really screwed with my gaming time. But I'm the only one that pays the rent, and the apartment wasn't the cheapest out there. I wasn't planning on moving anytime soon, though.

As I contemplated my sanity, I had walked out the door, down the steps and onto the sidewalk. The morning air was chilly, as it was late March. I was fine, but wished I brought a small jacket or something.

Okay, voice, now what?

That's when the entire apartment complex exploded. Literally, as if a bomb went off. As I ran for dear life, my thoughts drifted to how I won't have to worry about monthly rent anymore. But for the moment, I was pretty determined to get out of the way of the falling building. Eight floors reduced to a pile of leftover apartment. The dust that billowed out covered me, and I gave some really harsh coughs. I dusted myself off the best I could with my hat.

Now do you trust me?
Not in the least bit.
Well, I'm not surprised. At least I managed to save you in time. Start walking down the street towards the highway.
I'm not hitchhiking, buddy.
You need to leave here before the police get there and tell...well, you need to leave.
Tell who?
You'll find out soon.
You know what? Fuck you.
No thanks, I'm trying to save you. We don't have time.


Whee! Happy bonus post! This was a little side story I just began writing after watching this. It was on Cartoon Network awhile back, maybe on Toonami. I might get it sometime, since I liked it then. So...yeah!

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